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Years ago, the superhero team, Sentinels, disappeared. Now, their children have taken their place. Are they destined to meet the same fate as their predecessors? Forces from every angle try to pull the team apart as they find that their greatest challenge might just be living up to the name...Sentinels.

  1. Chapter I

The book begins with a mysterious robed figure asking some kind of shriveled person, called "Prophet", asking if the pieces are in place. Prophet says yes and that they hold the key to starting the chain of events.

 Next, we meet Templar during one of his training missions inside the Sentinels HQ. Electron chimes in and says that he thinks the team should reunite after they were disbanded after Switchfast's death. Templar says he works alone, but Electron reminds him that his father never did. Templar says that that was his error. We then find Gospel outside preaching the Word of God. She gets a telepathic call from her brother, Sin, and teleports away. Finally we find Harlette doing a patrol and protecting a girl from some potential rapists. She handles them with ease but suddenly a demon teleports and attacks her. Electron shows up in the knick of time to save her and they agree to call the rest of the team. The call goes out and though everyone receives it, some choose not to respond.  The team regroups in the same base Templar had been training in prior. They are all their aside form Splash. When Gospel shows up she explains about how her father has returned and he is behind the demon attacks. Serpenta suggests regrouping but the conversation is cut short by a demon attack. The group manages to fend them off and Electron and Harlette are sent after two of the fleeing demons. However, the demons did manage to take Sin away. One of the demons killed leaves behind a mysterious seed type thing. Harlette and Electron loose the trails of the escapees; however, when they returned the base exploded.
  1. Chapter II

The blast knocked Electron unconscious, and he was awakened by Harlette. He started calling out for other team members and Harlette revealed she already covered the area and found nothing. Serpenta surfaces from water out of sight. Just as Electron began to think the worse, the team burst forth from underground. Templar shouted for everyone to duck and suddenly Firebomb, bathed in fire and missing her mask, exploded from the ground.

In an unidentified army base, a general realizes there is activity at the Sentinel's base. He reveals this info to Agent Huggins and she is sent with a warning not to come back empty handed.

We find Sin hanging with barbed wire looking lights around his arms and forehead with an unidentified voice talking to him. He says he feels bad about what he has to do and he explains that if Sin's mother would not have listed the curse from Gospel the effects of the spell would be balanced, he goes on to say that he destroyed the Sentinels, unknown to him that Gospel is actually listening in and the Sentinels are alive and well.

Back at the former Sentinel's HQ, Templar goes on to explain how the team managed to survive to Harlette. When she asks were Serpenta is, she shows up and is excitedly greeted by Phazer who then remarks on her rancid smell. Templar tries to contact cyprus with no luck saying he could survey the damage if he could get to the sublevels. Crusher, Firebomb's brother, examines his sister who declares she's fine but not sure she can change back. Gospel shows up and exclames they muster come with her. The team is suddenly teleported to an unknown area saying she does not have time to explain because a spell threatens Sin and innocent lives. When Harlette questions her, Damien shows up, paralyzing the team into the air. He goes on to explain that his corner of hell is growing small and he wishes to expand to Earth using Sin and innocent lives. Templar asks Gospel if she can teleport the team and with a struggle she exceeds, but because of where they are, she could only go so far. Damien attacks her and demands they be brought back.

In one area Templar and Firebomb are in mysterious cavern and Templar implores her to try using her new powers to find a way back. She is hesitant at first but agrees and gets a sense of the path to follow.

Phazer and Electron are in a room of great treasures. Phazer suggests they don't touch anything, but Electron secretly steals a small crystal type thing.

The last group is Crusher and Serpenta who are in a boneyard of sorts. Crusher complains but Serpenta takes charge which angers Crusher who argues that he definitely doesn't want to be stuck with her. When Crusher remarks on her smell, Sperpenta looks up seeing a group of flying demons, and asks if he really thinks that's bad.

Back at the area with Sin and the virgin sacrifices Damien starts scolding Gospel; however, with all the Sentinels trapped in other areas, Harlette is all alone with Damien.

Templar and Firebomb make progress but are attacked by demons. The battle looks easy with Templar's soulblade and Firebomb's new powers, but the demons over power Firebomb and take her away, leaving Templar alone against the horde.



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