Sentinel Mark IV

    Character » Sentinel Mark IV appears in 70 issues.

    A damaged Mk VI Sentinel, reconstituted, reprogrammed and improved by Juston Seyfert, initially using It to right some wrongs in his life, then later to stop Injustice.

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    One day, Juston Seyfert (son of a Scrapyard owner) was bewildered by the discovery of a very unusual micro-processor chip in his father's junkyard, curious to see what it could do, He substituted it for the control chip in His home-made 'battlebot'. When he later tried to put the upgrade through its paces, the battlebot shot off with a mind of it's own, breaking through the internal perimeter fence, accelerating and disappearing into the distance. In the far recesses of the yard, the bot laboured into the early hours reconstituting the head of a Sentinel robot. One night, just after seeing off a friend, Juston heard a commotion coming from the direction of the storage barn at the back of the junkyard. As he drew closer he could see a pulsing light from within, arming himself with an old piece of pipe, he slowly opened the barn door, to be confronted with the sight of a partially reconstructed robot, making repairs to it's head, Juston turned on his heels, screaming, escaping into the safety of the dark. Once over the initial shock and his curiousity overriding his fear, Juston returned to the barn. Juston soon wound up helping the Sentinel to rebuild itself.

    Major Story Arcs


    After hours of sleepless toil, Juston found himself custodian to a formidable piece of Government hardware, his mind raced with the options of what to do with such a windfall. First he was thinking of using the Sentinel only for his own gain, his love interest Jesse Ingram would probably never speak to him again. Mk VI had a lot of adventures with Juston, at a later date they would face the danger of another superior Sentinel (MK VII-A) sent to eradicate the Mk VI intent on leaving No trace of it's existence, fortunately the Mk VII-A was defeated by the combined efforts of MK VI and Juston.

    Avengers Academy

    Recently, Mk VI and Juston have joined the ranks of the Avengers Academy with the intent of honing their skills and abilities to the benefit of Humanity.

    Avengers Arena

    Along with Juston, Mk VI was kidnapped by Arcade and taken to Murderworld. One night, they were attacked by an unknown assailant, and the Sentinel was crushed.


    Sentinel has all the capabilities of a MK VI, aside from this, are the refinements to armaments (taken from the defeated Mk VII-A) and It's Original Program PRIME DIRECTIVE being cancelled, association with Juston Seyfert, coupled with it's AI system package has enabled it to 'Learn' outside it's established parameters.


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