Sensation Comics #9

    Sensation Comics » Sensation Comics #9 - The Return of Diana Prince released by DC Comics on September 1942.

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    Wonder Woman defeats a villain named Dr. Cue and renews her acquaintance with the real Diana Prince, from whom she originally purchased her secret identity.

    Diana and Steve Trevor are having dinner at a restaurant when a strange man barges in claiming that Diana is his wife. Things escalate until Steve has had enough and punches the man, who says that his name is Dan White. Diana eventually remembers that Dan White is the name of the man that the real Diana Prince, from whom Wonder Woman bought her secret identity (see Sensation Comics #1), was going to marry. She realizes that Dan White thinks that she is the real Diana, hence the confusion.

    Back home, Dan White confronts the real Diana Prince (now Diana White) regarding her having dinner with another man, but she convinces him that that is impossible. The two are having money problems, though, as Dan hasn't been able to sell his anti-aircraft disintegrator shell idea to the military. Diana White says that she will go back to being a nurse, but Dan forbids it, claiming that no wife of his should ever work. She ignores him and tries to go to work anyway.

    When Wonder Woman (as Diana Prince) arrives at work, she finds Diana White in her chair. The real Diana White begs Wonder Woman to allow her to reclaim her identity and work again as she and Dan need the money. Wonder Woman gives in.

    Wonder Woman (still as Diana Prince) then decides to pay Dan White a visit to learn more about his anti-aircraft disintegrator shell. Dan believes that Wonder Woman is his wife, and is angry that she tried to get a job. He chains her up and says he will do so every time he leaves to ensure that she doesn't try to work. He then sets off to try to sell his invention, but not before explaining to Wonder Woman that it works by releasing a gas that can disintegrate all wooden and metal parts of an airplane within five miles. He takes the plans to General Hard, but the General is unimpressed.

    Meawhile, Wonder Woman is about to break free of her chains when she hears a struggle at the front door. She finds a note from the "World Peace Society" that says that they have captured Diana White and will only release her if Dan gives his invention to them. Wonder Woman dons her superhero outfit and seeks out Dan White. She brings him to Steve Trevor who agrees to test the invention, and she gets Dan White to give her some fake plans for the invention. She then takes these to the rendezvous point where she meets a mysterious woman, Agent X. Agent X takes Wonder Woman to the office of Dr. Cue, who is holding Diana White. One of Dr. Cue's men attacks Wonder Woman, but she easily defeats him. She then sees Dr. Cue on a television screen.

    Dr. Cue is holding Diana White hostage. She warns Wonder Woman that Dr. Cue is developing strains of diseases to infect Americans. He threatens to inoculate Diana White if Wonder Woman doesn't surrender the plans of Dan White's invention. Wonder Woman gives over the fake plans. Dr. Cue then releases a gas to knock out Wonder Woman, but she holds her breath. She pretends to be unconscious, and some of Dr. Cue's men put her in a furnace to dispose of her, but she busts out.

    Wonder Woman calls on Etta Candy and asks her to pretend to be sick in front of Dr. Cue's hospital. Etta agrees and the doctor takes her prisoner, taking her underground to his secret hospital. Now aware of the location of the secret hospital, Wonder Woman follows Etta and defeats the the doctors, though Dr. Cue is not among them. Using her Lasso of Truth, she compels one of the doctors, who turns out to be a Nazi, to tell her where Dr. Cue is and he reveals that Dr. Cue has taken Diana White in an airplane. He plans to fly the plane over the testing site of Dan White's invention - thus Dan's invention will lead to the death of his own wife.

    Wonder Woman races to the site in her Invisible Plane. Sure enough, Agent X is in a plane with Diana White as her prisoner. The invention works and the plane disintegrates. Agent X has a parachute, but Diana White does not. Wonder Woman arrives in time, though, and catches Diana White as she's falling, then lassos Agent X. Once on the ground, she removes Agent X's mask to reveal that she is, in fact, Dr. Cue, who is actually Colonel Togo Ku, Chief of Japanese Spies in America.

    Dan is able to sell his invention, so Diana White no longer needs to work. Wonder Woman can therefore resume her work as Diana Prince. Diana White gets a new hairdo so that she won't look like Diana Prince anymore.


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