Sensation Comics #8

    Sensation Comics » Sensation Comics #8 - Battle of the Bullfinch Store released by DC Comics on August 1942.

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    Wonder Woman crosses the path of Gloria Bullfinch.

    Diana Princess inquires as to why one of her coworkers, Beth, is late to work. Beth tells her that she is late because she just prevented her friend Helen from committing suicide. It turns out that Helen and her friend Molly work at Bullfinch Department Stores. The hours are long and the pay is small, so Molly has been getting sick. The doctor tells her she must take more vitamins, but she can't afford them. To help her friend, Helen steals vitamins from the Bullfinch Drug Counter, but gets caught. The store manager, Googins, refuses to show any mercy and has Helen locked up. With Helen unable to help Molly, Beth starts buying the vitamins for the sick girl, who starts to get better.

    When Helen is released she visits Molly, who is excited to see her. Googins, however, sees them together and accuses Molly of associating with thieves. He fires her. Helen, believing that she is causing nothing but trouble for her friend, tries to commit suicide, but Molly and Beth manage to stop her. Instead, Helen vows to get even with the Bulfinch stores.

    Diana takes a leave of absence from her work as secretary to General Darnell in order to investigate the working conditions at the Bullfinch Department Store. She finds that the women who work there have gone on strike to try to improve conditions and pay, but so far have not seen any results. Diana decides to go see Gloria Bullfinch, who owns the stores, but Steve Trevor asks her out for the first time. Thinking quickly, she finds a way to do both.

    She arranges for Steve to take her to a nice restaurant where she believes Gloria Bullfinch and her fiance, Prince Guigi del Slimo, are also having dinner. There, she approaches Gloria, only to have the store owner tell her that she only conducts business through her agent, Mr. Doe, before leaving the restaurant. After a pleasant night with Steve, the couple leaves the restaurant only to be attacked by some thugs. Steve fights them off, then chases them in a taxi to Hotel Trefair, where he is attacked from behind and knocked unconscious.

    Meanwhile, Diana changes into Wonder Woman and pays Gloria a visit at Gloria's home. Wonder Woman ensnares Gloria with her Lasso of Truth and uses its power to compel Gloria to believe that she is Ruth Smith, a simple department store worker. Wonder Woman then takes her to Etta Candy who, along with the Holiday Girls, take the jobs of the women who are on strike at Bullfinch Department Stores. Etta and Holiday Girls manage the work fine, but Ruth finds it too taxing and struggles to keep up.

    In the meantime, Beth warns Diana that Helen has decided to rob the Bullfinch Store. Diana warns Etta of the theft and tells her to stay after hours to prevent it. Wonder Woman then realizes that Steve is missing and, on a hunch that the disappearance has something to do with Gloria's agent, Mr. Doe, she pays a visit to his room in Hotel Trefair. There, Wonder Woman comes across a young woman with a gun, but while confronting her two men sneak up behind Wonder Woman and knock her unconscious. They tie her up and put her in a trunk. She regains consciousness, but is groggy and unable to escape.

    Etta, meanwhile, hides in the Department Store with the other girls, though Gloria (as Ruth Smith) passes out from the strain of work. That night they discover a dead body and capture Helen, who was robbing the store. The police arrive and accuse her of killing the watchman and filling a whole truck with stolen goods.

    At the same time, Wonder Woman stays in the crate even though she has regained her senses. She hopes that the thugs will take her to wherever Steve is being held, which is exactly what they do. Mr. Zoe, who wears a mask, and Googins are working together, and they lock Wonder Woman in a safe at the Bullfinch Store with Steve. She breaks out using her super strength and chases her captors.

    Mr. Doe and Googins try to escape through the store when they encounter the police, who is still holding Etta and Helen. Googins tells the policeman to punish the girls, but Helen says that she overheard Mr. Doe and Googins plotting to steal the items and accuses them of shooting the watchman. This prompts Mr. Doe to strike her. Wonder Woman arrives and beats up Mr. Doe and removes his mask. He is Guigi del Slimo.

    The commotion has awakened Ruth Smith from her trance, and she is once again Gloria Bullfinch. She realizes what Guigi del Slimo was planning and punches him after breaking up with him. She takes over management of her own stores with Helen working as her assistant. Together, the increase the salaries of their workers and improves their working conditions.


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