Sensation Comics #4

    Sensation Comics » Sensation Comics #4 - The Coming of Paula Von Gunther released by DC Comics on April 1942.

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    Wonder Woman faces off against Baroness Von Gunther and in the process loses her strength for the first time in Man's World when a man welds her Amazon bracelets together.

    Diana Prince uses the fact that she got General Darnell to free Eve Brown (see Sensation Comics #3) to make Steve Trevor jealous. She also implores him to investigate a recent murder of one of the HQ's female workers. Steve refuses, but Diana looks into it and discovers that the woman had been out "sick" for a week, and that another employee, Carla Swanson, has also started reporting sick more recently. Diana investigates and finds that the girl was staying with Baroness Paula Von Gunther. Diana tries to investigate the Baroness, but is thrown out of the building.

    Meanwhile, Eve Brown is accosted by Nazi agents who threaten to kill her if she doesn't join their School of Espionage rather than joining Holiday College, as she had planned. Eve tells Steve about this, and she agrees to act as bait to help Steve learn about the School of Espionage. Eve, however, as pledge to Etta Candy's Beeta Lamda Sorority, gets locked up as part of the hazing ritual. She eventually gets away and leads the Holliday Girls (led by Etta Candy) to the site where Eve was supposed to help Steve Trevor catch the Nazi agents. Steve has already arrived and single-handedly defeated all of the Nazis but one, who tries to get away in a car. Steve, Etta, and the Holliday Girls pursue the agent.

    Elsewhere, Baroness Von Gunther reveals to Carla Swanson that she is a Nazi agent. When Carla refuses to join the Baroness's cause, the Nazis lock her in the Baroness's dungeon. Diana, meanwhile, arranges a meeting with the Baroness by accompanying General Darnell to a costume party that the Baroness is throwing. Diana dresses as Wonder Woman, and gets captured on purpose so that she can find where the Baroness's dungeon is.

    Wonder Woman locates Carla, but finds that she has been drugged and hypnotized into being the Baroness's slave. In an attempt to prove to Carla that it is okay to escape, and to learn more about the Baroness's operation, Wonder Woman allows herself to be chained. However, the chains are forged by one of the Baroness's men, thus breaking the promise of the Amazons to never let a man chain them ever again. Wonder Woman loses her strength and is trapped with the other girls who are being tortured and turned into slaves.

    At the same time, Steve follows the agent that he was chasing back to Baroness Von Gunther's base, and he, too is captured. He and Wonder Woman are brought before a firing squad, but when they fire she uses her bracelets to deflect the bullets, and to shoot off her chains. The Holliday Girls also arrive, and with the now free and fully powered Wonder Woman make quick work of the Nazis. Paul Von Gunther escapes, but the slaves are free.


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