Sensation Comics #2

    Sensation Comics » Sensation Comics #2 - The Menace of Dr. Poison released by DC Comics on February 1942.

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    Steve Trevor and Diana Prince are captured by Nazi spies posing as Army Intelligence agents. They are taken to the HQ of Doctor Poison where they are locked up in separate cells. Doctor Poison intends to inject Steve with a truth serum, but Diana switches the serum with one that has no effect. Steve pretends to give up important military secrets. Meanwhile, Diana changes into Wonder Woman and escapes.

    Meanwhile Doctor Poison schemes to use her new drug called Reverso to cause chaos in the ranks of the U.S. Army by confusing the soldiers brains and making them do the exact opposite of what they are told. Doctor Poison and her henchmen pour Reverso into the water mains and cause bedlam in the Army barracks.

    Wonder Woman goes to the campus of the Holliday College for Women to seek out Etta Candy, a friend of the original Diana Prince whose identity Wonder Woman purchased in Sensation Comics Sensation Comics #1. She then recruits a band of loyal student allies who henceforth become known as the Holiday Girls.

    With the help of Etta and the Holiday girls, who seduce the Nazis into a sense of false security with music, dancing and the promise of romance, Wonder Woman invades Doctor Poison's HQ, rescues Steve and captures the villainess. Once unmasked it is revealed that Doctor Poison is actually a Japanese princess named Maru.


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