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  1. Cover by Harry Peter.
  2. "The Story of Wildcat" (Wildcat) written by Bill Finger, penciled and inked by Irwin Hasen.

Note: In the Wildcat story, a boy was sulking over a Green Lantern comic book that was stolen from him. The boy explains how the Green Lantern wears a costume. Ted Grant seeing the upset boy, gives him a dollar and in the excitement the boy says he could now buy Flash Comics too. Ted Grant gets the idea of wearing a costume and having a secret identity from that brief encounter with the boy.

Following a brief appearance in All-Star Comics #8, Sensation Comics #1 marks Wonder Woman's first full fledged appearance in a comic as the lead story. The issue begins with Wonder Woman flying the wounded Steve Trevor back to America in her invisible plane and deposits him at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. She wanders aimlessly through the streets of Washington D.C., familiarising herself with this strange new world of men. In the process she foils a bank robbery and meets an unscrupulous promoter named Al Kane.

She then heads back to the hospital to try and find some way to remain close to Steve and comes across a bespectacled nurse crying on the steps of the entrance way. The nurse tells Wonder Woman that her fiance has got a job in South America but he cannot afford to send for her yet to join him. The Amazon Princess thinks for a moment and removing the nurse's glasses, remarks how similar in appearance the two women are. She offers to give the nurse the money she needs by buying her identification and credentials from her. That way they can both be with the man they love! The nurse agrees and reveals her name to coincidentally be Diana too - "Diana Prince".

In the meantime, Steve Trevor slips away from the hospital to try to foil an enemy plan in which an Axis stratosphere plane is going to release poison gas over the East Coast of the U.S. Wonder Woman, worried that he is exerting himself too soon, follows in her invisible plane.

When Steve can't shoot the enemy plane down, he decides to ram it. Wonder Woman arrives just in time to snatch first Steve, then the Nazi pilot out of the air. The Nazi pilot dies, but not before gloating that, though he has failed, the Axis powers have a secret island where they produce toxic gas that they will eventually find a way to use. Wonder Woman, however, anticipated this and had her mother use the Magic Sphere to locate the base. She and Steve infiltrate the base and release the gas, killing the Nazi agents. One of them causes the gas to explode, though, almost killing Steve. Wonder Woman rescues him and brings him back to the Walter Reed Army Hospital, where, in her disguise as Diana Prince, she once again acts as his nurse.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverJon L. Blummer1
REFan Expo 2017 Exclusive Variant CoverPhil Jimenez3
REFan Expo 2017 Exclusive Acetate Variant CoverPhil Jimenez2

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