Senorita Rio

    Character » Senorita Rio appears in 73 issues.

    Golden Age Star of Fight Comics. First Latina lead character.

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    Golden Age Origin

    With her Spanish beauty and charisma, Rita made a career as a popular motion picture star. She became one of the most popular actors and she had millions of fan across the United States. It was the late 30s and the Second World War was imminent. The government asked Rita to play another role at the same time as that of actress; an US espionage agent. She was given the opportunity to render valuable service to her country. She then started playing in international films, while traveling in several countries.

    Among her accomplishments, she was also singer and she sometimes she gave performances for the US Military. She had excellent coverage to observe what was happening and inform the leaders of her country as well.

    AC Comics version

    AC comics later revived Senorita Rio and rechristened her "Rio Rita" and continued her story. Once the war ended, Rita had worked primarily in South America. The Nazi criminals were very present in this continent and it was a good place to spy. When FemForce was founded, through President Roosevelt, she was a logical choice to join them. She was succeeded by her granddaughter, years later.


    Senorita Rio was both one of the first of female and first Latina characters in American comics. She is also of note as being the first female character to appear, and then for two years, take over the cover of the former all boys club of Fight Comics, until being replaced by another female character, Tiger-Girl.


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