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    Ramon went by Senor Suerte on a regular. It is not until he changes into his killer costume that goes by Senor Muerte. After his death his younger brothers, Phillip and Jaime, split the alias amongst themselves. Phillip took the Muerte title, and Jaime took Suerte.

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    Brief History

    Ramon Garcia always believed he was lucky and even got one hundred percent on an intelligence test when he was young student in Puerto Rico. Ramon would grow up and run several successful underground casinos and become the gambling czar of New York City. Most people knew Ramon Garcia as Senor Suerte or Mr. Luck but he also had another side, a dark side as Senor Muerte or Mr. Death. As Senor Muerte, Garcia wore a costume with a dial on his chest in a form of a Russian roulette and when it stop spinning, one of his hands would be normal and the other hand charged with lethal amounts of voltage.


    Senor Muerte was created by Steve Englehart and George Tuska in 1973 and first appeared in Hero For Hire # 10.


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    He appeared on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes as one of Cross's henchmen in the episode "To Steal An Ant-Man". He didn't have any lines.


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