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    Clone of Miles Morales.

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    Selim was a clone of Miles Morales created by the Assessor. He was trained and tortured by the Assessor, who ultimately advanced his age by force. He plotted together with his brothers, Shift and Mindspinner, to break out, as soon as they were strong enough.


    Selim was created in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25 by Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Nunez Carnero during Miles' own Clone Saga. Although, his name is simply "Miles" spelled backwards, he believes he is named after the Arabic for "undamaged."

    Major Story Arcs

    Clone Saga

    Selim was leading his two brothers on various heists and kidnappings looking for science equipment and scientists. They realized they were suffering from cellular degradation and would not last much longer without a cure.

    When these crimes gave Miles a bad reputation, he started investigating them. He tracked them to a lab where he thought they were making more clones, so he destroyed it. To get back at him for destroying their cure, Selim and Mindspinner targeted his family, while reluctant Shift guards Miles.

    Selim heads to the Morales household where he kidnaps their new baby, Billie. Using her as bait to get Miles to the Brooklyn Bridge, he engages in combat to prove he is better than Miles. Eventually, Mindspinner and Shift show up, but when Shift proves to be on Miles' side, Selim attacks him. Mindspinner defends Shift leading to Selim and Mindspinner using their venom blasts on each other and causing a large explosion.

    Selim is presumed dead.

    Powers and Abilities

    Selim appears to have many of the same abilities as Miles Morales does as Spider-Man, including venom blasts. It is assumed he also had a camouflage ability as well.

    He is adept in fighting with knives and usually carried twin long red daggers

    He is also fluent in seven languages including Cantonese and German and knows enough Spanish to know Miles' Spanish is "embarrassing."


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