Character » Sela appears in 5 issues.

    Sela the Human Romulan hybrid daughter of Tasha Yar from a parallel universe.

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     In a alternate timeline were Tasha Yar didn't die, she went back in time to insure peace with the Klingons by defending them from a Romulan attack, captured Yar made a deal to save her self and her fellow prisoners becoming a Romulan generals consort, later giving birth to his daughter Sela, age four Sela was awoken by her Mother told to be very quiet while they escape fearing never seeing her father again she cried out alerting the guards, her mother was swiftly executed, Sela has said her Human side die that day,


    Probably due to her father's high rank Sela joined the Romulan military, rising to the position of commander and taking part in the plot to sabotage Federation Klingon relations by kidnapping and brainwashing Geordi Laforge, also in a invasion attempt of Vulcan that was foiled by ambassador Spock


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