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    Sek'nos Rath, called Seki by the ladies, was a male Sith Je'daii Journeyer living on Tython at the height of the Infinite Empire's reign. He was a bold Je'daii who was fond of weapons and longed to achieve the greatness of the Je'daii of myth and stories.

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    A young Sith, Rath was the child of Je'Daii diplomats stationed in the Tython system. Sek'nos was raised by his grandmother, Miarta Sek, and his grandfather, Thok Rath. He learned healing techniques from his grandmother and looked up to his grandfather for his many past adventures. Eventually, Sek'nos attained the rank of Je'daii Journeyer. In his quest to forge the perfect weapon, Sek'nos spent a large amount of time at Vur Tepe (a large Forge located on the world of Tython) learning from Tem Madog. He forged three blades in his quest for perfection under the Master's tutelage.


    Sek'nos was created by John Ostrander to be one of the main reoccurring characters in his Dawn of the Jedi series, which takes place 25,000 years before the Original Trilogy of Star Wars movies as part of the Extended Universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Force Storm

    Sek'nos' first appearance shows him at the Qigong Kesh Temple of Force Abilities on Tython, training and testing his limits and boundaries of the Force. Before getting a mysterious visit from Xesh in a vision, Sek'nos was on the verge of crossing the path of the light side of the Force to the dark side to gain the power of Force Lightning, all in his effort to impress a few girls. It is then stated that no one has ever been able to generate a ball of Force Lightning, indicating no one has crossed the paths of the light and dark sides of the Force before.

    Sek'nos follows his summon from the Force and proceeds to meet up with fellow Je'daii Journeyers Shae Koda and Tasha Ryo in their quest to discover the truth behind the mysterious figure in their "visions" and the dark disturbance in the Force, traveling to the Rift, a section of dangerous land around Anil Kesh.

    Sek'nos confronts Xesh.
    Sek'nos confronts Xesh.

    As the three Je'Daii met, they witnessed a ship crashing nearby. All of them could sense great pain and darkness coming from the ship, as well as the fact that it was occupied by Force sensitives. Then from it exited the figure from their visions, the Force Hound Xesh. A duel proceeded between the two parties, and Xesh was victorious, managing to escape by using a Force Repulse to summon an earthquake before traveling further into the Rift towards the Abyss of Ruh. As Rath and his fellow Je'Daii continued to search for Xesh near the Abyss, they were attacked by a saarl, a large rift worm capable of firing off Force Lightning. The group was forced to go down deeper into the cave, where they made their final stand against the saarl by summoning lightning to hold it back. Xesh stayed behind to watch them fight, believing that in the end they would abandon each other to the saarl. To his surprise, none of them did. Xesh then spontaneously aided Shae against the saarl, ultimately heping to killing it, along with Rangers Hawk Ryo and Rori Fenn. Rath was thrown unconscious while protecting Tasha from the saarl, but later recuperated at Mahara Kesh, the Temple of Healing. He and Koda were present when Ryo looked through some of Xesh's memories, and when the Temple Masters voted to exile Xesh to Bogan, a small prison moon, Rath and the other Journeyers argued against it, claiming that Xesh should stay on Tython to learn balance. However the Masters rejected their objections, and sent Xesh to Bogan.

    Prisoner of Bogan

    While Xesh was on Bogan, he met the mad Je'Daii who was exiled there, Daegen Lok. The two managed to escape Bogan, and Rath was one of the Je'Daii assigned to capture them, along side Shae Koda, Rori Fenn, Hawk Ryo and Jake Fenn. While tracking down Xesh and Lok, Rath had a chance to fight Xesh on Kev Coeur, while Jake Fenn dueled with Daegen. Daegen bested Fenn fairly quickly, while Rath managed to hold his own against Xesh.

    While he and Xesh dueled, Lok tossed another Ranger Bel Zana off of a cliff as she was defenseless after his Mind Twist against her. In order to save her, Rath leaped in after her, catching her with one hand while grabbing a ledge with another. He used telekinesis to push her to safety, though he himself fell down to his supposed death.

    Later on, while falling, Rath used telekinesis to make it to a nearby ship. There he met Trill who, unknown by him, was another Force Hound. After recuperating for a few days, the two of them made contact with the other Je'Daii and soon ventured to Shikaakwa to find Lok and Xesh.

    After traveling to Clan Ryo's Fortress, Rath and his allies snuck inside through the sewers, managing to catch the escapees inside. As soon as he saw that Xesh and Lok had taken Shae prisoner, Rath attacked Xesh. The Force Hound retaliated by using Force Lightning, which subdued the male Sith after a short duel. However, Trill and the other Je'Daii managed to defeat Lok and convince Xesh to become a Je'Daii, and Rath headed back to Tython on Trill's ship.

    Force War

    After Trill took Xesh to Tython, the former Force Hound agreed to join the Je'Daii and tell them all he knew of their incoming enemies. He then instructed them in building Force sabers, which Sek'nos wielded with great skill. Trill has secretly reported to her master, Skal'Nas, about Tython and it's power in the Force. Soon, the Rakata and their Infinite Empire would attempt an invasion on Tython. The Je'Daii and their allies would push back the Rakata from their initial assault, halting them at Shikaakwa after the invaders took all the planets in the system up to Ska Gora.

    Sek'nos escaping his slave tube.
    Sek'nos escaping his slave tube.

    Sek'nos took place in many of the ground battles, including the much needed victory against Flesh Raiders and the Rakatan main force on the planet a year in the conflict. The next day he would participate in a battle against the main Rakatan command base on Ska Gora, but would be surrounded by Flesh Raiders as they had set up a trap that the Je'Daii and their allies had walked straight into. During the epic conflict, Sek'nos was captured and taken to slave tubes used by the Rakata, where he had his power in the Force drained from him to power their base. Rath managed to use a powerful Force Repulse to escape and freed the other slaves as well. Upon escaping, he Force Choked two Rakata and grabbed their weapons from them, informing the other slaves to do the same and inciting a large revolt against the captors. He fought his way back to the battlefield on Tython, where he saved Daegen Lok from Flesh Raiders under Anil Kesh The two would fight off dozens of Flesh Raiders, even against a cliff edge, before Shae Koda came and picked him up to confront the now-traitor Xesh. Rath would then meet up with Quan-Jang, who helped him defend against even more Flesh Raiders. The two were then attacked by Trill. Rath and Trill briefly dueled evenly, before Rath used Force Lightning to subdue former lover, now revealed as a treacherous Force Hound. The Je'Daii would emerge victorious against the Rakata when Tasha Ryo sacrificed herself to activate Anil Kesh's Thor Yor, an ancient pyramid that had transported the original founders of Tython to the planet, and Xesh defeated Skal'nas in battle, denouncing the Rakata and choosing a free life with the Je'Daii, causing the helpless Rakatan forces left to be defeated and pushed out of the system.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sek'nos engaging Flesh Raiders.
    Sek'nos engaging Flesh Raiders.

    Sek'nos is seen as being in-tune with the Force and crosses the boundaries of light and dark. He uses pain to reinforce his power into creating balls of Force Lightning. It is stated that he has been the first to create a ball of Force Lightning. He could use it to destroy a metal object and overpower the Force Hound Trill with Lightning. Sek'nos is also skilled in the wielding and crafting of blades, studying under Temple Master Tem Madog of the Forge. He was able to faintly hold his own against the skilled Xesh in combat as well as defeat multitudes of Flesh Raiders in battle, engaging them in numbers no less than double digits, often by himself or backed up against a wall (figuratively).


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