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    Egyptian Goddess of war, sun and healing. She created the desert with her breath.

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    Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess shaped like a lion, Sekhmet is the daughter of Ra and sister of Bast.


    Many Faces of Marvel's Sekhmet
    Many Faces of Marvel's Sekhmet

    In the Marvel comics, Wakanda's Panther God was rivaled by the Lion God, after Bast was identified as the Panther God, Sekhmet was identified as the Lion God.

    A Heliopolitan god, with varying forms, even one that is male and one that is female, Sekhmet also has many other names. As Hathor, Sekhmet is peaceful, kind and loving. As Sekhmet, she is bloodlust and violent, stronger and more pronounced as a war goddess. In ancient times, when the Egyptians rebelled against the sun god Ammon Ra, he would unleash Sekhmet upon them, by manipulating Hathor into her more wrathful and furious state. Her anger hard to pacify once wrought, Sekhmet would threaten to destroy all humans. Ammon Ra would have to trick Sekhmet into drinking vast quantities of red dyed alcohol, said to have been 7000 jars, to stop her rampage. The alcohol was even dyed red to imitate blood. Only after that raw consumption had Sekhmet rage subsided long enough for her to revert to her more amicable self Hathor. Sekhmet would resurface to protect Pharaohs during battle. In more modern times, Sekhmet would adopt a new persona as the Lion God, a masculine figure, that would eventually come into conflict with the superhero team the Avengers. Hoping to force the Black Panther into revealing the secrets of Bast, the Panther God, and how Bast could maintain followers without directly appearing to them, Sekhmet would fight the Avengers. Defeat would come by the hands of Thor. Sekhmet would later encounter again Thor accompanied by the Prince of Power of the time Amadeus Cho some time after as her true form, but during the confrontation she would be tricked into consuming a sedative by Cho. Pacified she would revert into Hathor and proceed to affectionately flirt with Thor. The drug would eventually wear off, and Sekhmet would get to take out her anger against Vali Halfling. Sekhmet was also one of the goddesses that along with the Elder Goddess Gaea would collect the Young Gods to be presented to the Celestials Fourth Host as a means to bring a favorable judgement to Earth and humanity.

    DC Comics

    Sekhmet is called Amun. He is a member of the team Millennium Giants. He uses the Scepter of Amun to follow the energy of the opponents and know if the adversary is close.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sekhmet possesses superhuman levels of strength, stamina, speed, endurance, reflexes, and is resistant to common conventional disease and injury, as well as possessing regenerative capabilities. She also has limited mesmerism, size changing, density altering and also being impervious to pain. Sekhmet is a fearsome and accomplished warrior and fighter, and will often utilize Egyptian style Khopesh swords as well a hunting spear which can channel offensive energy bolts. Sekhmet has an affinity with lions and can summon them to her side. The Lion God aspect of Sekhmet requires a human host.


    • Place of Birth: Pilak, Upper Egypt (Modern day Philae, Egypt)
    • Citizenship: Celestial Heliopolis
    • Occupation: War goddess
    • Known Relatives: Horus (husband), Ammon Ra (Atum/Demogorge, father), Shu, Sobek, (brothers), Bast (panther god), Tefnut (sisters), Konshu (half-brother), Neith (Gaea, grandmother), Nun (Demiurge, Grandfather), Thoth (uncle), Geb (nephew), Nut (niece), Osiris, Seth (grandnephews), Isis, Nepthys (grandnieces), Anubis (great-grandnephew)

    Other Media

    In the movie Captain America: Civil War, T'Challa tells the Black Widow:

    In my culture, death is not the end. It's more of a stepping-off point. You reach out with both hands, and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into the green veld where you can run forever.


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