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Seize was a simple farmer living in 14th century Europe when a vampiric plague threatened to overrun the continent. Driven to take up arms to combat the undead epidemic, he was selected as one of six knights to become the church's champions. Delving into dark magics, the church imbued these knights with sorcerous abilities; Seize's manifested as an enhancement of the sense of touch. These knights - increasingly mutated beyond human recognition by their powers - became known as the Warlocks
Fearing their creations, the church chose to banish both the Warlocks and the remaining vampires from the face of the Earth. They were imprisoned in the Ashen Realms. The Warlocks quickly came to dominate their new home, exhausting it of all its natural resources.
Seize was sent - along with Fetor - to kill Dr. Benjamin Jacobs, a scientist on the verge of curing the HIV virus. Destroying the cure was instrumental in making Earth's climate more hospitable to the Warlocks.
After Vigil destroyed the Elemental Lords, disrupting the natural balance, Seize joined the other Warlocks in returning to Earth after centuries of imprisonment in the Ashen Realms.

Powers and Abilities

Like all the Warlocks, Seize's powers stem from the sorcerous amplification of oen of the primary human senses - in Seize's case, the sense of touch. He is superhumanly strong, able to shatter bones and pulverize flesh with ease. Seize also possesses a great degree of invulnerability; bullets have been observed to bounce off of him with no effect. Seize's power of touch seems to extend to some form of telekinesis. He once ripped a man in half from a distance, just by clenching his fist.
Seize is often the first to set foot into realms that are inhospitable to the other Warlocks. Because he is the least magical of them, he stands a better chance of survival in such places.
The magic that endowed Seize with his powers also rendered him mute.

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