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YuYu Hakusho:

Seiryu the Blue Dragon is the second most powerful of the Saint Beasts. His control over ice makes him a deadly opponent for people at the same level as him. Seiryu is a Mid C-Class demon in power. He has atleast some mastery in martial arts considering the punches he throws and the stances he takes. It was said by Hiei that Seiryu was not a true master of ice and tried to get buy on half his lessons.

Singiture Moves

Ice Aura

: Seiryu is able to emit an aura that freezes and chills everything within a certain distance of himself.

Ice Dragon:

Seiryu is able to flash freeze an opponent by punching them repeatedly in a blink of an eye.

Ice Dragon Fist:

Seriyu uses this as a long distance attack to quickly freeze an opponent.


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