Character » Seer appears in 16 issues.

    Seer is an ancient woman and an ally of Ghost Rider

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    Seer's history and background remain blanket in mystery. She was the youngest member of the ancient Blood that swore to protect the mystic talisman known as the Medallion of Power.

    Major Story Arcs

    Encountering Ghost Rider

    Seer possessed the appearance of a young adult female in her early twenties. Seer had black hair and blue eyes and a very interesting black symbol around her left eye. She was virtually unknown until she was identified and attacked by the vampire hunter known as Blade. He was under the influence of Demogorge child of Gaea and Demiurge. Demogorge wanted Blade to rid the Earth of all evil demons. Seer was rescued by the Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) and Nightstalkers' Frank Drake, before Blade could kill her.

    Road To Vengeance

    Seer travels with Dan Ketch to rescue to Johnny Blaze from Centurious who is trying to get a part of the Medallion of Power. They come back to Pennsylvania where Wolff, Kody and Clara Menninger are waiting for Blaze. Quinn, a member of Quentin Carnival, helps to Blaze and implants the Hellfire armor on him.


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