Character » Seeker appears in 31 issues.

    Seeker is an Inhuman, mutated by the Terrigen mists.

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    During the period in which Maximus was in charge of the Inhumans he planned to use an atmo-gun which would kill all humans on Earth. There were some Inhumans who were exiled to Earth and so Maximus sent Seeker to bring them back before he used his atmo-gun. Triton and Gorgon were doing battle with the Fantastic Four when the Seeker arrived. He took both of them and then went to get Dragon Man because for some reason Seeker thought he was an Inhuman also. He broke into the Baxter Building, where Dragon Man was being kept. On his way back to Attilan Seeker was confronted by the Fantastic Four who revealed to him that Dragon Man was not an Inhuman. Seeker then offered to give Dragon back to the Fantastic Four but he awoke and broke free from his shackles, injuring Triton. The Fantastic Four tried to help Triton but Seeker stated that by law he must return to Attilan. Upon returning to Attilan Black Bolt confronted Maximus about using the atmo-gun and after the ensuing battle Maximus reversed the atmo-gun sending all of the Inhumans into the Negative Zone. Most of them were later freed by Black Bolt. 


    Fantastic Four 
    He appears in the episode Inhumans Saga: Beware the Hidden Land. He was sent by Maximus the Mad to retrieve the Inhuman Royal Family. After saving the Fantastic Four from the explosion, Seeker briefly shared the history of the Inhumans to them before dropping them off somewhere.

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