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Nothing is known about See-More's origins. At some point he joined the HIVE Academy under Brother Blood, and remained there until it was destroyed by Cyborg. Following this, he joined with several other former pupils to form the HIVE Five.


See-More was originally created for the Teen Titans animated television show. He made his first appearance in comics in Teen Titans Go! #26, written by J. Torres and illustrated by Mike Norton.

Major Story Arcs

The Fearsome Five

See-More is invited, along with numerous other villains, to attempt to join a new iteration of the Fearsome Five being created by Psimon and Dr Light. One of those unwilling to actually try out for the new team, he is pitted against those who wish to join, becoming part of the test. He is rendered unconscious along with all other applicants.

Powers and Abilities

See-More wears a helmet that contains a single large eye which has a number of powers, which are controlled by a dial on the side of the helmet. The eye has demonstrated uses including heat or laser beams, flight, shield, enhanced vision, projectile weapon, and hypnosis. The eye changes colour depending on the power it is currently demonstrating.

Other Media


Teen Titans

See-More appears as a minor antagonist in six episodes in this series, making his first appearance in the episode "Deception" and his first major speaking appearance in "Mother Mae-Eye". He became a member of the HIVE Five, and was later frozen along with many other villains at the end of "Titans Together." He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Teen Titans Go!

See-More appears as a background villain in several episodes throughout the series. He makes his first appearance in the episode "Super Robin." Kevin Michael Richardson reprises his role.


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