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According to her legend, Sedna was born on land to giants Anguta and Nerrivik. She was kidnapped by the water-god Chahuru to be his wife. When her parents gave chase, the abductor discarded her. She ended up in the bottom of the ocean. There she emerged as a major Sea Goddess in her own right. The Marvel Universe version of Sedna has superhuman strength and endurace, estimated as being able to lift c. 50 tons. She can control the waters of the ocean for a variety of uses and command sea creatures. She keeps a giant sea dragon as a pet. She has a siren call allowing her to entlam gods and men alike. She seems stronger around her native Arctic Ocean than in other areas. However she is incredibly lonely. She sought out Thor and fought him, in an attempt to recruit him as a mate.


Sedna is a goddess from Inuit mythology.

Powers and Abilities

Sedna is a powerful sea goddess, with the ability to manipulate large quantities of water.


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