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Seddwia was a member of The Soaring Hawkbat Clan, which was stationed on Bogden 3 as a part of the Bodgen Jedi Training Facility. When Jedi Master K'K'ruhk and Sian Jeisel showed up to the training facility with their clone troopers in tow, Order 66 was order to be carried out. Du Mahn was killed along with many of Seddwia's fellow Jedi Younglings, along with Jedi Master Sian Jeisel, but K'Kruhk and Chase Piru ultimately escaped with Seddwia and a few of the other Jedi Younglings and set out a course of exile, and to find somewhere secluded where they would not easily be found.  
When Lumbra came to the youngling's camp after spotting their broken ship and attempting to take a piece of it that they needed for their own damaged ship, Seddwia jumped out at Lumbra and his men, telling them that this was not their ship and to leave it alone. After attempting to pull the young Jedi away, Lumbra was intervened by Chase Piru, who he shot an was beleived to of been killed by Lumbra. After realising that these were Jedi Younglings, Lumbra decided to chain them up and hand them in to The Empire. Luckily, Chase Piru was not killed from the gun wound and the Jedi was accompinied by Jedi Master K'Kruhk in a rescue mission to save the younglings, where Lumbra and his men were killed.

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