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    Team » Section Eight appears in 27 issues.

    Team of moronic degenerate wannabe heroes who actually helped save the day in one instance.

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    Section Eight is a team of misfit and/or flat-out deranged wannabe superheroes led by Sixpack, the sole team member who was a regular member of the book's supporting cast. Six Pack was a fat, short, middle aged drunk always wearing a tattered superhero costume and telling unbelievable tales of past glories at Noonan's bar.

    When Sixpack's team is first mentioned, the team has seemingly been disbanded as Six Pack must go about Gotham doing the whole "getting the gang back together" thing. Some members are found keeping afloat by working 9-5 jobs (Jean de Baton, Friendly Fire) while others are found on the streets ( Shakes, Dogwelder, Flemgen) in asylums ( Defenestrator) even in a adult movie theather (Bueno Excellente)

    With the team back together, they proceed to attempt to help save the day on multiple occasions and failing miserably though always having the best of intentions.

    In one instance, the team successfully assists Tommy "Hitman" Monaghan in getting the space bounty hunter Lobo off his back, though not through actual superheroics but through helping him set up an absurd scheme where, while Lobo is unconscious, they dress Lobo up in a suit and team member Bueno Excellente up in a wedding gown and proceed to do a photo shoot making it look like the two got married. Hitman threatens Lobo that if he ever harms him or Gotham on his watch, he will have the photos sent out to the JLA and any other superhero group he can; tarnishing Lobo's bad-boy rep forever. Lobo leaves and Section Eight is victorious!

    Later, in their final appearance, Section Eight bands together for a final time trying to save Gotham (and perhaps the world) from an extra-dimensional demon invasion. Almost all of the team perishes horribly. The only survivors are Six Pack and Bueno Excellente, though all present believe Six Pack to be dead when he merely went off to do battle with the demons in their own dimension and seemingly returns some time later, victorious, to discard his superhero costume and join up with Alcoholics Anonymous. Bueno Excellente is still on the loose somewhere and who knows, one day he may return.


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