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    Team » Section 9 appears in 33 issues.

    Section 9 is an intelligence organization set up as a counter-terrorist/anti-crime unit specializing in cyber-crime. Its agents are regarded as the best at dealing with incidents involving cyborgs.

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    Section 9 is the creation of acclaimed manga scribe Masamune Shirow, and appears in the Ghost in the Shell manga series, as well as the film, book and TV adaptions.

    Status and Location

    Public Security Section 9 is officially an international intelligence agency, but is actually a department of the Japanese Ministry of Home Affairs that is answerable only to the Prime Minister. The organization operates in the fictional city of Niihama-Shi (New Port City). Their mandate is to investigate cyber-crimes, and respond to technology based threats and cyber-terrorism, both domestically and abroad.

    The exact location of Section 9's headquarters is top secret. It includes rooftop helipads, underground vehicle facilities, criminal holding cells, meeting rooms, Tachikoma/Fuchikoma repair and storage facilities, and an operations control center.


    | Name and Position | |

    | ------------- | ------------- |

    | 1. Daisuke Aramaki | Lieutenant Colonel/Section Chief |

    | 2. Motoko Kusanagi | Field Commander/Tactical Specialist |

    | 3. Ishikawa | Covert Intelligence and Technology/Executive Officer |

    | 4. Buttetsu Batou | Lead Investigator |

    | 5. Togusa | Investigator/Director Field Operations (SSS) |

    | 6. Pazu | Investigator |

    | 7. Borma | Sniper, Investigator, Bomb specialist |

    | 8. Saito | Tactical Sniper |

    | 9. Azuma | New Recruit, Field Operative |

    | 10. Yano-kun | New Recruit |

    Organization and Structure

    The unit consists of ten members. The head of the organization is Daisuke Aramaki, referred to as "The Chief". Motoko Kusanagi is second in command and is also known as "The Major". The organizations covert intelligence and technology specialist is Ishikawa. Buttetsu Batou is second in hand to hand combat only to The Major. He has cyborg eyes for advanced vision and countless other cybernetic implants. The only member of the team that is "naturally" human is Togusa, an Investigator/Director of Field Operations (SSS). Another Investigator is Pazu who may or may not have been involved with the yakuza in the past. Borma is a Sniper's spotter, Investigator, and bomb specialist (usually seen with Pazu). The main sniper for the team however, is Saito. Saito posses a cybernetic eye (also known as a "hawk eye") that utilizes satellite-linked images for pinpoint accuracy. The last two members of the team are recruits, they are Azyma and Yano-kun.


    The team of Section 9 is also supported by "think tanks" known as Tachikoma and later Uchikoma (in the Stand Alone Complex anime series) or Fuchikoma (in the original manga). There are nine in all, each with a very advanced A.I., letting them think on their own. The Tachikomas play a big role in the storylines of both the manga, and the S.A.C. anime series.


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