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Launched on 27 April 1985, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars was a fortnightly Marvel UK title reprinting Marvel USA's Secret Wars as its lead feature. However its early success meant the comic went weekly from issue ten (coinciding with a title change to simply 'Secret Wars').

Early back-up strips included reprints of Alpha Flight and the first Iceman mini-series, alongside new humour strip 'Marvel's Secret Artist'. Issue 19 saw another original strip - Zoids (based on the Tomy toyline) introduced, and the comic title changed to 'Secret Wars: Featuring Zoids' for issues 20-26 (at which point the story continued in issue one of 'Spiderman and Zoids').

In issue 25 a new Spider-Man strip written by Jim Shooter, exclusively for the UK, was featured, and as of issue 32 the title changed to Secret Wars II as the title began reprinting the second series and its tie-ins (often with modifications to fit the reprints to their new home or remove extraneous details - such as cutting out the references to Wraithworld appearing above Earth in the reprint of Fantastic Four 277, which was a link to the storyline then taking place in Rom).

Lew Stringer's comedy strip Macho Man began in issue 42, and would appear in all the remaining issues of the series bar the last.

Three specials were also published - a Collected Comics Special (reprinting the first two issues of the US series) and two Secret Wars II tie-in specials.

The series ended with issue 80, and a week later Spider-Man and Zoids serialised a five-part epilogue to the series (issues 46-50).

Perhaps lending to the comics success, the series had its fair share of free gifts. Over the first eleven issues, stickers were given away which could be stuck on the poster given away with issue two.

Free gifts:

  • 01 - Secret Wars background scene with rub-down transfers and free competition card
  • 02 - Giant free Secret Wars pull-out poster (art: Robin Smith) and the first of six stickers for the poster (Poster sticker 01: Captain America)
  • 03 - Poster sticker 02: Doctor Doom
  • 05 - Poster sticker 03: Magneto
  • 07 - Poster sticker 04: Wolverine
  • 09 - Poster sticker 05: The Enchantress
  • 10 - Kellogg's Corn Flakes model airliner
  • 11 - Poster sticker 06: Spider-Man
  • 12 - Centrespread 4pp Zoids comic
  • 19 - Giant free pull-out Zoids poster
  • 32 - Centrespread pull-out Secret Wars II poster
  • 33 - Centrespread pull-out Secret Wars II poster
  • 34 - Centrespread pull-out Secret Wars II poster
  • 37 - Panini Transformers sticker album
  • 38 - Panini sheet of six Transformers stickers
  • 64 - Poster sticker 04: Wolverine (re-issue of an earlier free gift)
  • 65 - Poster sticker 03: Doctor Doom (re-issue of an earlier free gift)
  • 66 - Panini Secret Wars sticker album and packet of stickers
  • 67 - Panini Secret Wars packet of stickers


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