Secret Wars II #3

    Secret Wars II » Secret Wars II #3 - This World is Mine released by Marvel on September 10, 1985.

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    The Beyonder indulges in all of Earth's pleasures, discovering quickly that humans can have too much of a good thing. His earthly education continues when Beyonder uncovers the secret of desire, turning all who meet him into loyal subjects!

    A police office wakes the Beyonder, who is sleeping on the street. He asks where he's from, and the Beyonder shows him a portal to the Beyond-realm, throwing the officer into confusion. The Beyonder walks on, and meets Toots, a prostitute. After some repartee consisting of more of his amusing misunderstandings of colloquial English, the Beyonder makes a gold bar for her and disappears, reappearing at a seedy hotel that Toots recommended. He gets a room and goes to sleep on the floor, not understanding the use of a bed. The clerk, meanwhile, calls a local mobster, Vinnie.

    Vinnie shows up with some of his hired help, including Toots. She told him about the gold bar, and Vinnie wants to know more about him. The Beyonder tells him his story, and Vinnie wants to work with him. He decides to call the Beyonder "Frank." Toots stays with Frank, and the rest of the criminals fan out to prepare for their new plan to use Frank in their "business." Vinnie begins to introduce Frank to the way the world works, providing him with experiences like fine restaurants, sex, and fashion. In doing so, he is finally providing the Beyonder with a basic education, something that superheroes like Peter Parker, Reed Richards, and Captain America were never able to achieve.

    Vinnie also puts Frank to work, acting as his heavy against other gangs, removing STDs from his working girls, and making gold. He even cures Vinnie's son of dyslexia and trims some extra weight off Vinnie's wife. Frank begins to love gadgets, an enthusiasm that will last the rest of his "life" in Secret Wars 2, buying innumerable cars, refrigerators, cuisinarts, etc. The Beyonder also begins to sport his trademark jheri-curl hair, instead of the blond hair he previously copied from Steve Rogers, and starts wearing the style of clothes he will wear for the rest of the series, a sort of Michael Jackson-inspired set of very 80s mod clothes. On a trip to the racetrack, Frank begins to understand that it's no fun if he uses his power for everything--sometimes it's more fun if you take chances, like in gambling. The Beyonder beings to feel at home; he has a job and friends, like Toots.

    Vinnie eventually feels that Frank is too big to be cooped up in Vinnie's small operation, and tells him to go make his own way in the world. They part on good terms. Frank begins to live the life of the rich and famous, partying with tons of ladies on a yacht, gaining an enormous amount of weight. Eventually he realizes that this lifestyle is not fulfilling, and burns off the weight. The he sets himself higher goals: first, he takes over the Kingpin's operation, then takes over America, then the world, controlling the wills of everyone on earth. He even controls the molecules of inorganic matter. The only one he does not control is Owen Reece, whom he calls a special case, although he says he could deal with him later if he wished.

    Reece later realizes what is going on, but decides it's just a phase for the Beyonder and doesn't confront him, simply releasing Marsha from the Beyonder's control instead.

    He goes around and lets people pay him homage, including Circuitbreaker, from the Transformers comic series. In speaking with her, he begins to realize that when someone is missing the spark of free will, they are not truly whole. He becomes discontent and goes to speak with Vinnie, but his now-controlled mind is boring and can't provide any useful advice, in contrast to his old self. He speaks to Toots, who he releases from his control. She is now going straight and working as a waitress, inspired by the decent way Frank treated her. he realizes that if people can't make their own choices, then their lives aren't worth living, and releases everyone from his control.

    He goes to Avengers mansion and talks to Jarvis. Having experienced Toots' gratitude, he realizes he wants to do good, and he wants to be an Avenger. Jarvis tells him the Avengers are in the Skrull Galaxy, so he takes off to find them. Later on he returns, despondent over the results, but has a new plan, based on his eureka moment at the racetrack--he realizes the worth of trying, and decides to get a lawyer: Matt Murdock.

    The story continues in: Daredevil 223, Hulk 321, and Avengers 260.


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