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It will just move the plot towards the end of the saga, in issue 8

Secret Wars is the great crossover of marvel to 2015 and is being drawn from the work of Hickman in front of the Fantastic Four magazine since a very long time, with a expected ending for the 8th edition in late November, this edition aims only to make the plot moves . What is not always bad thing. The edition has enough content to hold the reader until the end.


The issue begins with Doon in conversation with Susan, with the dialogues are predictable.

After a fight scene between the Goblin Queen and Mister Sinister, in which results in the beheading of Mister Sinister and Apocalypse comes into scene.

Before that,it appears the Maximus character and begins to appear the real problem of this issue as Hickman has so much to culminate in the end and so much information to create impact at the end of the saga, this issue will only feel like a passing issue, however is much information that scenes like the beheading of Mr. Sinister not have the impact it should have.

After that, the army of Thors comes into action (the story that started in the issue - Thors #4 Secret Wars), Art is always amazing, complimentary from Esad Ribic, which tell by the way he had done an amazing work of art in the series Thor: God of Thunder. Just amazing. Ive Svorcina also has an amazing coloring work and out of world. One of the highlights of this edition is the dialogues especially between Mr. Fantastic and the Maker,they do not have much impact, but are very well written.

Overall: Solid Issue. And keep the attention for the next issue. 3/5 stars.

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