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They're Alive!!!! (Secret Wars #3 Review)

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Sheriff Strange discovers Miles Morales in the remains of the shaft in Utopolis. Miles shocked Stephen when he tells him that he can remember the world before battleworld. Together with the young Thor and Miles, they went to Agamotto Stephen's stronghold where he kept another raft he discovered. Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Star Lord, Captain Marvel, Thor (Jane Foster) and Black Panther appeared before Stephen and Miles. The survivors were confused until Stephen explained that Doctor Doom is a God. They also found out that Stephen discovered the raft three years ago and kept it as a secret........................

You'll surely get hyped to know that there were some survivors from the destruction of the multiverse. I know it was shown that there were several people who was inside the raft during the end but after that, we had no clue whether they really did survive or not.

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I was waiting for Rocket Raccoon to come out but I remembered he died before the collision. I'm not a big fan of Reed nor Black Panther but this is where I felt that they could be the key for destroying doom. (Spoiler) It is shown in the next issue that Doom is afraid so, that's one of my reasons why Reed or Thanos (or both) could defeat the bastardly God Doom.

I've also started theorizing if Reed and Thanos can join forces to beat Doom but, I sticked on my other theory ( check out my blog "What Do You Think Will Happen After Secret Wars").

Like the last two issues i've reviewed, make sure to grab this issue or you'll reget it. *wink


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