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Bow before God Doom whelp!! (Secret Wars #1 Review)

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It's the end of the multiverse as we know it! Earth 616 and Earth 1610 are about to collide and the heroes from both Earths are fighting each other so they could save their sorry butts. There are only several minutes to spare before the two worlds collide! As the heroes and the others try everything to save their own Earths, Earth 616 and Earth 1610 collided. Everyone died in a matter of seconds and yes it include The Sentry you creepy fanboys.

But luckily, Reed and others (Thing, Miles Morales, Star-Lord and Invisible Woman) survived in the life raft (Black Panther fell out during the collision). But wait! There's more. Thanos and his evil friends survived. Dang it!! So it's a good thing we have a few survivors there. I wonder what they'll think of the Battleworld?

After that, we see Strange, Doom and Molecule Man before some omnipotent beings. Then when the omnipotent dudes (or dude) said "Who dares stand before us?" and Doom replied, "I. Doom". So, the Battleworld is born! Pretty much a patchwork of the multiverse and is ruled by God Doom.

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Okay so this is one of the most interesting comic book events I read. I mean come on parts of the multiverse in a single planet ruled by Doom? Awesome! I kinda felt sad that everything. As in everything died until some of them (just patchworks) are saved by the omnipotent God Doom and made himself the king.

There are still mysteries going around this issue like, "Where did Doom get the power?" (If you've read the original Secret Wars, you'll know) "Is Doom really a savior, or just someone who wants power" and "How is the going to end?". These are pretty much the questions I asked myself after reading it. I say Hickman really did a good job on writing this whole event and it was well thought out and it's just amazing.

I didn't like the art at first but then I started loving it around the second issue (the art didn't change just my opinion towards it).

I say check out Secret Wars #1 ( I absolutely guarantee you'll like it) and if you do like it, save up for it and don't miss out this awesome event! This will probably the next thing I'm going to get when I stop by at the comic book shop (I read this digitally) and again if you're looking for your next series to collect or for your next series to read (if you like reading online) I say check this bad boy out or you'll be missing out Marvel's biggest even of the year.


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