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    Review from a newly reborn comic reader

    I have been reading secret warriors since it first debuted and have come very close to dropping the book already. I found the concept very interesting, a band of underground special powered operatives, but I quickly found that I couldn't latch onto any of the characters and the early Leviathan leads failed to have any impact on me since I am mostly unfamiliar with the details of hydra and shield.
    I found this issue to be a great refresher as it is entirely character-based and focuses on the one team member I am really excited about in this book (Phobos). The moral conflict between Phobos - Fury - Ares has really got me back into this book and I am excited to see this character expanded. I think this issue does a great job of giving a full background on the character while showing original aspects of the revisited material. I thought Ares and Phobos were very well written and the art was dynamic and engaging even outside of combat panels. The art and writing in the council scene has great tension and feels relaxed and approachable when Ares and Phobos are talking father to son.

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