Secret Skull

    Character » Secret Skull appears in 11 issues.

    A ghoul and homicidal vigilante who kills killers before they can commit their crimes. Recently joined the Mystery Society.

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    After being bitten by a ghoul, Samantha Brooks died and became one of the undead herself. Not fully realizing that she had died, Samantha found herself plagued by precognitive dreams of innocent people being murdered. Deciding to prevent these murders, she adopted a skull mask, armed herself with knives and sickles, and began to brutally slay killers before they could commit their crimes. Her actions would cause her to become a fugitive from the police, who dubbed her "The Secret Skull" and sought to apprehend her for these seemingly unjustified murders.

    Pursued by the police, as well as more of the undead, Samantha now seeks her own form of justice as the Secret Skull, preventing murders before they happen, even if no one else knows it.


    The Secret Skull was created by Steve Niles and Chuck BB. She first appeared in her own 2004 mini-series, and would later reappear in the 2010 mini-series, Mystery Society, where she was illustrated by Fiona Staples, while still being written by Steve Niles.

    Powers & Abilities

    • Undead, and therefore considerably difficult to injure/kill.
    • Precognitive dreams of imminent murders.
    • Skilled in armed and unarmed combat. Primarily uses knives and sickles.

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