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Review: Secret Six #31

The Secret Six goes to Hell! After Scandal loses her all-powerful card, the team has to go deep underground to get it back.

The Good

Ragdoll! After Bane's been getting all the big moments, the jape in 'jammies gets to steal the show for once and I was just loving every inch of the scene where he turns the tableS on Scandal. The tongue-in-cheek cold opener with the Secret Six's commercial was a mighty clever approach to a recap page, too, and I'm impressed by how wide Caliofore's range is to pull goofy bits like that off with as much skill as the showpiece action.

The Bad

I don't know - - I'm less enthused about the prospect of the six journeying to DC's macabre hell with all its potential for dramas of the soul. While the last arc in the Warlord's realm was just as fantastical, part of the fun of this title is that kind of wanton face-to-the-mud revelry of these super-criminals and I feel like this already angling to be a little more serious and out-there than I've enjoyed so far.

The Verdict - 4/5

While I'm still a little leery about this book spending the next three months in a corner of the DCU I've never been especially fond of,this is still a more-than-solid installment of a title that I consistently love. Warning, though - - the cover's a bit misleading. Bane never gets that nasty demon arm and Scandal doesn't rule over the underworld. Not yet, anyway.

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