Secret Six #31

    Secret Six » Secret Six #31 - The Darkest House, Part One of Three: In Every Dream a Nightmare released by DC Comics on May 1, 2011.

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    Part 1 of the 3-part "The Darkest House," the story readers have been demanding. A member of the Secret Six attempts to bring back a fallen loved one by using the demonic "Get Out of Hell Free" card stolen back in the first arc of the series! And as it turns out, Hell wants the card back...

    After having a nightmare of Knockout being trapped in Hell, Scandal Savage discovers that Ragdoll has taken the teams Get out of Hell Free Card. After a brief fight between Savage and Ragdoll, in which the rest of the team watches, Ragdoll reveals that he wants to use the card to save Parademon. After Ragdoll escapes to Hell the team votes to fallow him, all except Black Alice who is only willing to show them to the Gates of Hell.

    Once on the elevator to Hell the team is greeted by The Demon, who informs them that they have been sold out by Ragdoll who now has an army at his control.

    Meanwhile, Liana is kidnapped by a man who is planning on torquing her and deprogram her of her wicked ways.



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    Review: Secret Six #31 0

    The Secret Six goes to Hell! After Scandal loses her all-powerful card, the team has to go deep underground to get it back.  The Good Ragdoll! After Bane's been getting all the big moments, the jape in 'jammies gets to steal the show for once and I was just loving every inch of the scene where he turns the tableS on Scandal. The tongue-in-cheek cold opener with the Secret Six's commercial was a mighty clever approach to a recap page, too, and I'm impressed by how wide Caliofore's range is to pu...

    13 out of 13 found this review helpful.

    Just realizing that there are eight member within the Secret Six. 0

    Exclusively Boy Bands, Saltless Pretzels, and Virgin Serial Killers Wanted for a Light Buffet, what better way would I know of to describe Hell?   Ever since I began reading Secret Six, I found that my most favorite member would be King Shark because of how I find him to be the most different from the group and somehow properly fits right in. Secret Six has always caught my interest for the most unique ways that’s hardly found within comics, and this issue alone does have something very unique...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Best Issue Yet!!!!! 0

    Best Issue yet this had me on the edge of my seet the whole entire time I read it and Wow was it amazing and I can't wait till next month I just got this and Wow it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Art is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Story is amazing pick this comic up right now I'm telling you this comic the best issue so far and that's saying alot!!!!!!!!!!!  Gail Simone is such an amazing writer.   I'd rather you not read the spoilers because it might ruin the book for you but if you plan on not getting(...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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