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Review: Secret Six #30

When a slacker inherits a criminal mastermind's empire, his first move is to hire the Secret Six for a job targeting the Doom Patrol.

The Good

I'll tip my hat to Simone for making moral ambiguity so outrageously fun in this series. The Secret Sixes were at eachother's throats only a couple issues ago and, now that they're working together, I don't know whether to root for them or my cult favorites, the Doom Patrol. It's tough act to balance a cast this big, yet she gives all 18 or so capes in this issue very distinct voices.

The Bad

Even as far as supervillain origins go, it still feels like too much of a leap for young master Eric to go from a compulsively-gaming layabout to a ratpack-obsessed super-criminal in a matter of two weeks. Also, I have to say I was a little confused about the gag where Elasti-Girl's leg got chomped off - - wouldn't she be shrieking in pain?

The Verdict - 4.5/5

It's an absolutely brilliant move to tie Bane's oddly chivalrous approach to dating into the outrageously-misogynistic scheme this young lord is putting together. I get the sense that this is borne out of some real objections to the chauvinistic lifestyle celebrated by Mad Men and its fans, and I'm just tickled to see how it'll play out in this already-fun crossover with Doom Patrol. 

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