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Secret 6 - Six Guns Blazing Fire!

 Look At This Logo!
 Look At This Logo!
Secret Six are in the wild west? No way? WAY! Yup, Thats right Bane, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and others are all cowboy's (and girls) of the wild west. I always liked the Secret Six Logo. You gotta say it's an awesome logo, anyway back to the review. Writer Gail Simone, well, writes about the Six in their mysterious wild adventure. She is joined by Jim Calafiore who will be taking on the art duties of drawing Secret Six. This isn't a heroes story, while at times the team tries to act like heroes, they all know to a certain extent that they can't be. While every member is at odds with one another, they constantly prove to be valued members, to each other, and to the team. However, now get your cowboy hats and your guns, because it's time to party, Old West Style. 


 Old West, Old Times
 Old West, Old Times
In the past, I have to honestly say, the past issues before issue 24 was sort of weak. I did like the story about Blake's childhood, and with his horrible father, however not all stories had the "good stuff" like this issue. I am a fan of all of these characters. Bane, Deadshot, Vandal Savage and everyone else. They have constantly been at odds at one another, however always seemed to be at the top of the world. What team isn't? The J.L.A (Justice League of America, if you don't know what it is) had Green Lantern Hal Jordan at odds with the Dark Knight himself Batman (not Dick Grayson). However, like Hal stated it in Blackest Night, "The Justice League was untouchable." This has been proved and turned out true throughout many years. That was until member by member were killed. I guess no one is invincible forever, (as Superman Stated it). Secret Six in the wild west has been a dream come true for me (as a reader). I like the travels to the great west, and I like Jonah Hex's stories in the west. So putting the most feared/loved Villains in the west makes me king of Secret Six. No it doesn't. However, it is awesome. The art was perfect and Gail's writing has just taken the team to new levels! 


 Jeannette In them
 Jeannette In them "Old" Times.
Some parts in this comic was so disgusting that I wanted to close the comic. However, I didn't so this review could be written. Do you want to see an ugly (and I really mean UGLY) lady wearing a dress? Well yeah, if you want to wear sunglasses the entire time reading this series. Do you want to see Slade without an eye-patch? YES! Unless it makes you never (and I mean never) get off of the page. So parts were sort of lacking in that area. I thought they had Eye-patches in these times? Guess I was wrong.   

Secret 6 #24's Verdict

 Oh Snap!
 Oh Snap!
What Secret 6 is, is a awesome adventure full of action, violence, blood, love and BLOOD. Wait? I said that twice didn't I? Oh whatever. If you like no 'goody' guys winning all the time, then pick up Secret 6. If you hate your favorite character "Deathstroke" dying at the hands of Bane, then don't pick this up. Oh Snap. SPOILER. This is a good jumping on point for readers to read this series. The verdict of this issue is 4/5. Snap that Back Bane, it's about time Deathstroke dies. Stay awesome everyone! 

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