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Well here we are my fellow comic book lovers.  We have a Six issue that is not done by the regular ongoing team of the Great Gail Simone and wonderful Jim Califiore.  How can anyone ever step into those shoes and match the quality that we have come to know and love about this book?  Well John Ostrander is probably the only other writer who can, and has in the past, been able to and that my friends is who is on this one and done issue.  Which takes please prior to the events of the Catman arch that the afore mentioned Ms Simone and company just completed last month.   
John Ostrander really needs to bring back the Suicide Squad and write it in the same vein as he does his fill-in's on the Six.  He has a great wit that nearly matches that of Gail's and demonstrates a strong knowledge of DC's for hire villains.  I really think that if he was given another shot at the Squad a we'd have another great DC book to buy.  This story is one that see's the Six as prey for the hunter willing to pay.  By pay I do mean in cash and the risk to their life.  There is a relate in this issue that had me rollin' around with laughter.  Buy the book and you can see for yourself what I am alluding to.  Oh and with this one and done it would be a great spot for those who have been interested to jump on.  You get a good taste of what the book is about and prep for the next arc by the regular team.  
RB Silva is on the art duties this month and his work is good but not up to the standard that we have seen with Nicola and Jimmy's work.  A couple of his panels were a bit flat for me.  This would be my only complaint about the book.   
Good job filling in and giving us a good story that doesn't just feel like the book is treading water for a month.   
4 out of 5 and my standard high recommendation to buy this book and series as a whole. 

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