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Predators hits the mark

Gail Simone has really hit a grand slam with this Secret Six series and its not showing any signs of slowing down. 
This one-shot issue is appropriately title Predators and takes place before Secret Six #19. Scandal Savage is still part of the team and Blackest Night has yet to transpire. The team is flown out to a private island where they believe they  will be meeting a client who will be offering them a new mission. However, the Six are incapacitated and dropped individually into different parts of the island only to wake up and find themselves confined by electrical collars that will kill them should they not play the game. Their task is simple either make it to the island stronghold or survive until nightfall and they will be permitted to live, and that will be their only prize. They have been stripped of their weapons, except Deadshot who is permitted a single bullet, and must rely on their natural skills and abilities to survive this most dangerous game. From this point on each character comes face to face with skilled hunters who have paid big bucks to hunt them down, the game is on... 
RB Silva's art is fantastic and Jason Wright's colors really compliment it well. This book continues to stay fresh and continues to exemplify the individual skills, morals, quirks, and survival skills of each character. I recommend not only this book, but this entire series. It truly is well worth the money and one of the best series on the shelves right now. 
My only problem with this issue is the corniness of the hunters and their arsenals. It would have been a lot more interesting had the hunters been more like the group of soldiers and hunters that will be in the Predators movie coming out. But, overall this one-shot issue was really fantastic. 


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