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One of the most-requested and anticipated confrontations in recent DC history takes place right here: Catman vs. Batman! The Six's latest mission takes the team to Alcatraz to free a Super-Villain, but what is the secret she carries that hundreds of villains would give their lives to possess? DC's dirtiest team only gets dirtier, and we wouldn't want it any other way


The most anticipated fight is finally here Catman vs Batman. As the two people with the least amount alike begin talking soon Bruce's attempt at taking Huntresses word is swiftly turned into a brawl. Short it may be both got their point across that neither are going to give up on what they believe in or think is right. Especially when one of those men has been looking for taking down the other for many years.

On Alcatraz

The Secret Six make it onto the island and into the actual prison without much of a hassle that is until MAMMOTH arrives. The former villian takes on the new side of evil, each of our villains make their worth to the team known. Taking on the massive beast of a man, how will this fight end?

Atop a building in Gotham

The long awaited fight comes to a conclusion with Batman telling Catman to stop the mission and leave. Cause every meta will be out for his an the teams head once the contract goes out. That the team will have no chance, and that he will not let anyone in his city to be harmed in the war that it will start

Somewhere in Gotham
In an abandoned Theater the masked villain makes deal, telling that they can do anything they want to the Secret Six as long as they bring the card back to him. The crowd of villains old an new burst into a single smile as Lady Vic says "The man makes a nice pitch."

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Cats, Bats and Burritos 0

And we return to the insanity with Batman standing on a rooftop as he is want to do. He tells Catman, who is hiding in the shadows that he knows that he's there. Blake tells Bats that it's only because he let Batman know where he is. Batman wants Catman to leave and abandon his mission, but by the same token he's curious about how Catman was able to find him. Catman says that he is the world's greatest tracker and he can smell whatever it is Bruce had for dinner, he seems particularly fixated on...

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Batsy 0

SPOILER ALERTIt's funny how Bat tries to save Catman and his team and Catman proved beeing able to fight against Batman, at least for 10 minutes.The Team goes into the prision to "rescue" Tarantula and the misterious and horryfing Junior puts a price to the Six's head.Great issue....

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