Secret Six #16

    Secret Six » Secret Six #16 - The Rabbit & The Grave released by DC Comics on February 1, 2010.

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    The supremely powerful and infinitely dangerous Black Alice returns and she's decided she wants to be a member of the Six even if someone has to die to make room!

    Enos Kertz, a serial rapist and murder of little girls, is leading police to the places where he's as hidden his victims bodies. The latest body he leads the police to is that of Katie Sanchez, a nine year old little girl Enos had raped and murdered years earlier. After he shows the police the hiding place Catman and Deadshot appear and seem to help Enos escape, but in fact they are getting him away from police to deliver him to Gerardo Sanchez, Katie's father, who knocks Enos out cold.

    When Enos awakes he is tied to table in a warehouse, and Gerardo plans on torturing him for what he did to Katie. Catman and Deadshot leave the father to his revenge, but not before Catman senses Black Alice in the warehouse.

    Outside in the van Catman and Deadshot are approached by Black Alice who saw what the pair did and wants to join the Secret Six. After forcing the issue, Deadshot calls the rest of the team for back-up. Scandal Savage suggests that Catman and Deadshot take Black Alice to the Superior Gentleman's Club, and wait for the team.

    At Superior the rest of the team shows up fallowed closely by the police, most likely fallowing Catman and Deadshot. Black Alice wanting to be excepted by the group steals Jeannette's powers and uses them against the police. Scandal afraid that someone might get hurt tries to stop Black Alice, but is only able to get her outside. Ragdoll tries to restrain her also but to no avail.

    It is not till Bane approaches her and talks to her like an adult that Black Alice calms down and explains she needs to work with the Six to earn money for her father. Black Alice feels like if she wants in she could be in and she thinks Ragdoll is cute. Scandal protests but Bane allows Black Alice to join, stating the team needs more Meta-human powers.

    As Black Alice and Bane leave to discuss her role, Catman comments to Deadshot that he is worried that Black Alice maybe the most powerful and most dangerous of the group.



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    I think the word “lol” has lost its original meaning.  I can remember a long time ago, a simpler time, when print media wasn’t a joke, George Lucas was a hero, and “lol” meant “laugh out loud.” Nowadays it’s something you use to let another person know you’ve told a joke or that you understand that they told one. Well, I would like to say that Secret Six #16 by Gail Simone and Peter Nguyen made me “lol” in the most honest, pure sense of the word.    With last week’s Blackest Night Wonder Woma...

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