Secret Six #14

    Secret Six » Secret Six #14 - Depths Part Five: Early Release released by DC Comics on December 1, 2009.

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    The shattering conclusion to 'The Depths' is here! The Six find themselves pitted against Artemis, Wonder Woman and the hideous secret being from deep within the new Devil's Island!

    Grendel has found Wonder Woman bond up and ready for him but before he can devour her, he is interrupted by Mr. Smyth. Mr. Smyth would like Grendel to kill the other Amazons and the defective Secret Six who are currently in his prison.

    Meanwhile, Catman, Jeannette and the Amazon are making their way to the roof. Bane, has found Scandal Savage, who has taken Bane's Venom herself. Deadshot and Ragdoll are tracking Catman to kill him, as per Mr. Smyth's orders.

    Catman and Jeannette are attacked by Giuana, who confesses she is an Amazon too. They are saved by Deadshot who realizes friends are more important then money, this time. He shoots Giuana and Catman dismembers her, so she can't regenerate.

    Scandal and Bane find Grendel, but are no match for him and Wonder Woman comes to their rescue.

    Mr. Smyth plans on flooding the prison with gas, killing everyone but Ragdoll finds him and hits him in the head with a wrench.

    When Artemis and the Amazons get to the roof they learn that if they go home the US government will attack Themyscira for them, so they decides the only way is suicide, but Wonder Woman stops them just in time. The Amazon agree to stay on Devil's Island under the watchful eye of each other and the warden. Wonder Woman then tell Scandal to get her team off the island or else.

    On the helicopter Bane informs Scandal that he is now the leader of the team and his first order is she is off the team. Meanwhile, Deadshot has tracked down Mr. Smyth and kills him just like he killed Mina, back in issue #10



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    Secret Six #14: Jailhouse Rock! 0

    Since this version of the Secret Six was born from the Infinite Crisis spin off, its very obvious that Gail Simone was influenced by Ostlander's Suicide Squad. Like SS, Simone plays with the moral ambiguity but takes it a step further by exploring the inner demons and relationships the characters have with one another.   In the Depths 5th act, consequences for actions are dealt with a maelstrom of chaos. It plays out like the final act of Jackie Brown where events set in motion lead to betrayals...

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