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    Team » Secret Seven appears in 10 issues.

    A superhero team with a gruesome past lead by Shade, the Changing Man in the altered reality of Flashpoint.

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    A group of magic utilizing individuals formed in the Flashpoint reality. They were individuals who sought to organize against Wonder Woman and Emperor Aquaman. They had a need to keep hidden since it was against US interests to get involved in the war.

    There have been two iterations of the Seven both with Rac Shade serving as the leader.


    The original Seven

    Shade the Changing Man (leader)

    Trigon (deceased)

    Miss X (deceased)

    Stilleto (deceased)

    Klarion (deceased)

    Simon Magus (deceased)

    Black orchid (deceased)

    The second Seven

    Shade the Changing Man (leader)


    Mindwarp (deceased)

    Abra Kadabra

    Zatanna (deceased)

    Amethyst (deceased)

    Raven (deceased)


    The original Seven were composed of Shade the Changing Man, Trigon, Black Orchid, Klarion the Witch Boy, Simon Magus, Stiletto and Miss X. Save for Shade, the Seven ended up committing suicide under strange circumstances.

    The second iteration of the Secret Seven are first revealed when Cyborg is trying to organize super-humans in the US against Wonder Woman and Emperor Aquaman. They are represented by Rac Shade and Enchantress, with the other members remain hidden. The Seven put their involvement to a vote leading to 4-3 in favor of joining Cybrog. Although when Batman declines the Rac informs Cyborg that the Seven will have to reconsider.

    Rac is visited by the ghost of Black Orchid which leads him into madness. At that instant he is teleported elsewhere and finds himself being experimented on. They were trying to "rationalize" him believing that he killed the former Secret Seven and made it look like they all committed suicide. He awakens and escapes from them, apparently being summoned by the Enchantress.

    Enchantress wants Rac to help her find June Moone, her missing piece. Rac declines but ends up going through Enchantress' mind. When he leaves he finds that Enchantress is gone and replaced by a blond woman calling herself June. The two start a relationship and Rac calls together the Seven.

    Amy, Amethyst, is a volunteer at a refugee camp that has incredible rapport with the children. She is approached by government agents wanting to question her about individuals like her. At the time she is called for by Rac but is also hit with his madness. Her power manifests to the surprise of her colleagues and she teleports away. She appears before Rac and June but runs away in anger. Rac is forced to subdue her until she calms down. Elsewhere Abra Kadabra is having an argument with his stage manager over some props. He decides to use his "magic" to get what he wants but he also gets Rac's call along with the madness, he is enveloped by orange flowers. Rac is reviewing his "calling methods" when he is visited once more by the ghost of Black Orchid. Once he calms he has a conversation with Amethyst which ends with him shouting at her. At that instant one of Abra Kadabra's orange flowers appear.

    Jay Young (Mindwarp) uses his seizure soul to perform one of his heists when Rac's call and madness hits him, he almost dies in the process. Raven gets the same call and has her demons pulled out of her, and attack her. Zatanna also gets the call and her motorcycle briefly transforms into her father. Abra Kadabra finds it unacceptable and decides to reveal the Secret Seven to the world.

    Back at the Secret Seven's HQ, June walks in on Rac holding the lifeless body of Amethyst. He claims to have killed her, although he has no knowledge of the event. In grief Rac tries to reanimate Amethyst's body which starts to recount the events of her murder. June out of fear hits the reanimated body with a chair. She tries to console Rac but he admits fervently to the murder.

    To that Zatanna, Jay, and Raven confront Rac over the "maddening calls" as well as the murder of Amethyst. June goes to the defense of Rac and a fight ensues between the members of the Seven. Jay goes into his seizure soul and incapacitates June long enough for Raven to summer her shadow soul. June appeals to Rac who uses his M-vest to incapacitate Jay and Raven's "souls". In the brief truce June destroys Raven and Jay's "souls" effectively killing both. Zatanna retaliates with a death spell which kills June and herself.

    As Rac mourns the death of everyone, Enchantress reveals that June was just a ruse she used to get Rac to help her kill the Seven. She leaves Rac to sulk in the room along with the bodies of the fallen Seven. Enchantress is revealed to have forged an alliance with the Amazons who wanted to incapacitate the Secret Seven.

    With the Seven dead and disbanded once more Enchantress is left to her own machinations and Rac is left in the Area of Madness. There he has a conversation with his M-vest, or maybe just himself.


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