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This series as always is very dated, but as always finds a way to impress even the modern reader.  How this works here is that immediately the reader is drawn in by one of the most famous sequence of panels in Green Lantern’s history (I think these are reproduced from another source, but I am not sure.)  The corresponding story though is only really part origin story and seemingly half relaunch for Hal Jordan.  It does touch on one famous sequence of panels from the character’s past but the remainder is pretty routine.  A short backup story for Tom Kalmaku is a lot more engaging than the one for Hal, which is the usual format for this series (that the more famous hero takes a back seat to the others that he shares the issue with.)   The other backup story with Poison Ivy is also equally better than the first as a psychiatrist type interviews Poison Ivy to determine is she is fit for the Suicide Squad.  This reveals a fair amount about her past before he comes to a decision on her future.  Overall, this was a decent enough issue, really the fans coming looking for a Hal Jordan story might be a little disappointed, but the issue as a whole was a satisfying experience.

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