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More origins, more of the same thing.

Last Origins review! Another issue, means more origins! This time it is Batman, Aquaman, and Starfire! Ray Fawkes, Jeff Parker, Scott Lobdell, Dustin Nguyen, Tony Parker, and Paulo Siqueira are this issue's writers/artist.

If you NEVER followed a single issue of the New 52 story lines or if you have missed a lot; this series is for you! Secret Origins is best suited for those that are getting adjusted to the world of the New 52 and its stories. Having talented writers and artist come in, and tell the origins of our favorite heroes [and I assume villains eventually]. For those readers that want to fully come in and read the characters' current stories. This is the BEST place to be [for new readers that is]!

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So while that is there for new readers, why should loyal New 52 DC Comics fans pick up this series? Well, that is a tough question. There is very little for fans that already know the grim details of Batman, Aquaman, and Star Fire's origins. Take Batman's origin for example. I really enjoyed what Ray Fawkes did with exploring a bit more of the, young, Bruce Wayne perspective of the story. Instead of just jump cutting to him as a young adult honing his skills. While that's great and all; I really enjoyed how, very briefly, Bruce Wayne's attitude to the world changed from that of a child -- to an adult's. So if you are into seeing small character growth in a character's origin, then you should pick up this series. However, other than that; you should totally pass!

Many parts of the origins that are found in this series; can be found in the standalone titles [BATMAN, AQUAMAN, and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS]. It's just written in a way where the origin feels like an entire issue, instead of choppy. So if you feel like there are parts missing, just read the series that these origins come from!

This is best for new readers, not recommended for die hard fans! The stories are well written and drawn, but really lacking something new for old readers. 3 out of 5.

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