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“THE SECRET ORIGIN OF THE GOLDEN-AGE SUPERMAN.” The planet Krypton is in its death throes with only hours before its uranium core explodes. Respected scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara place their infant child, Kal-El inside of an experimental rocket and launch him into outer space just as the planet explodes. You know the rest of the story…or do you?

  1. "The Secret Origin of The Golden-Age Superman" written by Roy Thomas, penciled by Wayne Boring, inked by Jerry Ordway, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by David Cody Weiss. The story is based off of the original Superman story that appeared in Action Comics #1.
  2. "Superman Splash Panel" an unpublished page by Joe Shuster, Paul Cassidy did the preliminary sketches, John Dikela (sic?) (Sikela) drew all the Superman heads, Eddie Dobrotka inked the entire piece and "Leo Nowak did the line work inside the figure outlines".
  3. "The Secret Origin of Secret Origins" prior to a letter column section, a two page text piece behind the creation of the "Secret Origins" series by Roy Thomas.



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