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    Five stories from across the Marvel Universe, illuminating key elements of the SECRET INVASION!

    Captain Marvel takes a stand!

    Marvel Boy ( Noh-Varr) makes a choice!

    Wonder Man and the Beast face off!

    Abigail Brand, Agent of SWORD finds the foe!

    And the Agents of Atlas enter the fight!

    So, what happened? 5 stories by 5 different creators:

    • The long awaited reason why Captain Marvel attacked the Thunderbolts mountain? I don't know. Marv gave himself up to the Skrulls and said he wanted to rejoin the Invasion. Then, next second, he is after the Thunderbolts. The only thing that links this is when Marv was watching the Thunderbolts on TV and saying they are an abomination.
    • Agent Brand floats in space, and recounts her first time on S.W.O.R.D. and dealing with Skrulls. Then she bumps into a Skrull batle ship and she looks like she can get into a vent. Pretty Meh
    • Wonder Man now is trapped with Beast from the Shuttle, and they discuss their past friendship and mistrust because of their situation. Then they separate. Pretty Muh.
    • Noh-Varr in The Cube has the Warden doped up on nanobots in Noh-Varr 's spittle, so Warden can report to Maria Hill. All the prisoners are getting a docile making wavelength from a program rescued from MB's ship computer until the Skrull virus breaks the wave transmission and it all goes to hell. A Skrull is the cause and MB destroys him while MB goes about forming his army. Interesting development.
    • The Agents of Atlas story is the most stunning. The Skrulls captured Namora and dehydrate her like Namor, but Gorilla Man and M-11 rescue her, take the Skrull General captive, and Marvel Boy, Bob Grayson, dissects him, and beheads him, in preparation for the counter attack of the humans. The General is commenting the whole time and eventually realizes these Agents are doing the self same thing the Skrulls were doing. I could just shout. But this is the only story not cross-referenced to another issue in Secret Invasion.

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     This is a collection of a few stories.1. This was a story dealing with Captain Marvel. It started of okay, and then kind of disolved into one very boring tale filled with talking heads and bad art.2. This is a story about the Beast and Wonder Man trying to survive in the jungle while not knowing wether to trust each other. It was fun and made me think of the older issues of the Avengers which I liked very much.3. Marvel Boy is not a character I am overly familiar with, so I was surprised to fin...

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