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(Tarnax VII, many months ago)
On this alien Skrull world, within a city of spires with spacecraft of varying sizes and shapes floating overhead, a teacher stands before his attentive class. He informs his pupils that the time is coming. Their people are scattered and their homeworld shattered. The end is near, it would seem. All their empire has known is conflict. This is their way now. But, he adds, there is another way. There has come a savior... one who will unite their people and bring peace to the empire.

Listening carefully to his teacher is a young Xavin. Chrell wanders over to him and informs him that training calls. Xavin gets up and departs with Chrell. As they wander through the grounds, Xavin asks if he knows of the prophecies; of the uniter. Of course, replies Chrell. All children learn such fairy tales. He suspects that tomorrow, his shaman will tell him of the Dire Wraiths. "You mock him," states Xavin, surprised. Chrell replies that he has seen many things in his time, but no half-breed can bring peace to the Skrull Empire. Only death can do that. Xavin asks if he believes in anything. Chrell tell him that he believes that he is important to the empire, but he has much to learn. Rather than concern himself with his beliefs, he should concentrate on his training. No matter what prophecy he believes in, he has to be alive to see it come true.

(Earth, now)
Xavin is being punched in the face by a Super Skrull with bear's hands. Two other Skrulls stand over them. Xavin falls backwards against the unconscious Hulkling, groaning in pain. The Skrulls speak to her in their own language, and she replies that she isn't a traitor. They have to listen. They don't appear too interested in doing that. Before they can punish Xavin further, Wiccan teleports in with Speed alongside him. "Get away from him," yells Billy. Tommy immediately uses his super speed to take out two of the Skrulls with his punches, and jokes that Billy's call wasn't exactly 'Avengers Assemble.' He comments on the bear arms, and reckons they're running out of ideas. Wiccan uses a spell to toss Xavin's assailant against a wall, but he is caught from behind by one of the other Skrulls exhibiting Human Torch powers. The Skrull leaps towards Billy and Tommy and grabs them both by the throat. As he says something in Skrullian, his face is smashed into the wall between them by Xavin, using his right arm like the Thing.

"What just happened" exclaims Tommy. Billy pauses a moment before telling him that it's Xavin. She asks him to get up. They have to get Dorrek to safety. Billy rushes over to teddy who is lying in the water, and Tommy asks him how they can tell it's Xavin. Does he have a mole or something he's missing. Xavin says she doesn't have time for this. He'll have a second team in place. Billy asks who she means. Why is this happening? They left Eli, Kate and Vision up there. They have to... Xavin interjects forcefully. "We have to get Dorrek to safety! That's all that matters," she yells, her fist clenched. "Oh, right. It is you. I can tell now from the stick up your... hey," says Tommy, "Where's your team. Where are the runaways?"

(meanwhile, New York City, invasion 13 minutes)
The Leapfrog is confronted by two Skrulls, and one of them crashes through the windscreen and into the cockpit, startling Nico and Victor. The Leapfrog begins to descend as Victor unleashes an electric bolt at their assailant. Vic tries to get Karolina and Chase to wake up. One of the Skrull's speaks to them but they have no idea what he is saying. It appears to be an exclamation of surprise, as Old Lace leaps from the back of the 'frog and grabs him in her large teeth. The Leapfrog descends with alarming speed, and Nico asks Vic to do something. "Like what?" he asks, "Use a spell?" The 'frog hits the ground with a crunch, with the Skrull in hot pursuit. He lands and yanks Victor from the wreckage. Vic asks Nico to cast a spell... quickly, but the Skrull stands on Nico's arm. Something snaps and Nico screams. As the Skrull's eyes light up, he is hit hard from behind by a powerful burst of flame. It's Chase, and he's getting some use out of his new gauntlets. He tells the 'little green man' to get up. They haven’t even started yet.

The Skrull turns and sees Chase standing next to Molly. He says something in Skrullian, but Chase doesn't need to understand. "Not scared of me? That's okay," he grins. "I'm not the one you should be scared of. Sic 'im Mol." Molly rushes towards the Skrull and smashes him so hard that he is flying through a skyscraper and heading skywards in seconds. Chase helps Victor to his feet, and Vic jokes that he was just about to unleash on him. Molly helps Nico, and she asks if she is okay. Her wrist looks extra bendy. Nico tells her it's fine. She wants everyone back into the Leapfrog. They're going. Chase looks at Old Lace and asks what that is on her mouth. He then realizes it's Skrull blood, and nervously cuts his question short. Molly hands Nico her Staff of One back and asks where they are going. There's a billion space invaders over there. Shouldn't they go beat them up? Chase asks what the hell happened. Before Nico can respond, Karolina appears with Klara and asks where Xavin is.

(Times Square)
Several Skrull ships hover over central Manhattan. On board one of these is Commander Chrell. X'iv informs him that there is no response from the strike team. Chrell replies that the target was down. Someone is protecting him. Maybe it's the magician, but he doesn't think so. This was something else. It looks like X'iv will be needed after all. She asks what her orders are. Chrell tells her to kill Dorrek and kill his protectors. She can also kill every Skrull who sees him. "I am his servant," replies X'iv, before teleporting away.

Down in the tunnels, Teddy wakes up a little confused. He asks what's going on. Billy tells him it's okay. Teddy asks how he found him. Billy replies that he'll always find him. They're under the city, and Xavin's helping them. Teddy asks where the others are. They have to get back to the fight. Billy asks him to calm down. They were going to kill him. He used a spell to get to him. He promises that he'll explain. Xavin then appears and tells them that she will explain. She informs them that what is going on, is that there is a full invasion of Earth by Skrull extremists. They believe that their God has promised Earth to them, and now they've come for it. It's something Teddy could have prevented. Teddy is surprised by the accusation. Xavin explains that if he had just accepted his responsibilities, he could have united their empire and spared the Earth from what's happening. It didn't have to come to this.

Teddy responds by telling Xavin that she can't put this on him. He never asked for this. Xavin barks back, asking how he could be so selfish. He was supposed to show their people a better way. "This isn't my fault!" shouts Teddy back at her. Billy tries to get them both to calm down, but Xavin is furious. She says that perhaps this will calm him down. She informs Teddy that the single deadliest Skrull in the empire is on Earth and he's coming for Dorrek, despite the fact that Dorrek has turned his back on his destiny like a spiteful child. His presence could put a stop to all of this. So, the extremists have marked him for death. Billy is shocked that his partner is being targeted in this way. Teddy asks how he could have stopped this. He tried and they attacked him. "Try harder!" exclaims Xavin. This is their home. It's his beloved's home and now it is hers. She will die to save it. Will he?

All of a sudden, Speed appears and warns them that they're in trouble. They become invisible, probably Wiccan's doing, and X'iv teleports in. Somehow she can see them, despite being invisible. Dressed like Elektra, she pulls out a sai from underneath her cloak and hurls it instantly towards Teddy. Just before it strikes his chest, Teddy uses his speed to catch the blade in his fingers before rushing towards her. Xavin tells the others to attack her. She will not hesitate to kill them. Wiccan tries to send her back to where she came from with a spell, but X'iv avoids the blast and smacks him in the face. She then takes down Speed by clothes-lining him as he sprints towards Wiccan. Hulkling wants to join in, but Xavin keeps him away, telling him that he's too important. Teddy doesn't want to leave without his friends. X'iv listens to Xavin's heartbeat and recognizes her as Prince Xavin. Xavin creates a tubular forcefield and slams it into X'iv, before creating small discs from the same material upon which each of them sit. She takes them along the tunnel, though Speed reckons it's too slow for his liking. Left behind in the dark tunnels, X'iv contacts Commander Chrell. She informs him that they have a situation. Two of the target's teammates are present, but there's someone else. She doesn't know how it is possible, but she recognized Prince Xavin's heartbeat. Chrell is all too familiar with Xavin. X'iv asks what her orders are now that she's lost them. Chrell doesn't reply to her, but tells his crew that he needs a city-wide scan for an alien bioenergy signature.

"You did what?!" screams Karolina. She asks Nico how she could just leave Xavin like that. Nico tries to get her to listen. This is what Xavin wanted. Karolina asks since when did she care what any of them want. Vic tells Nico that she doesn't understand. It’s bad. There's an army of those things, all with multiple powers. Molly asks why, now that they're all awake, they can't go back and help. Xavin's one of them. They can't just leave her. Nico says no. They are all her responsibility and they're leaving. Xavin's a soldier. They aren't. This isn't them. Chase asks what's the matter with them. They're going back right now. Little Klara interrupts them and points at a television screen in a shop window. On screen are images of the remaining Young Avengers in Times Square. Vic realizes that they are live pictures. They see a Skull attacking Hawkeye, Patriot and Vision. Karolina's eyes widen as she recognizes their friends. "They're in trouble," exclaims Molly. Chase covers up Molly and Klara's eyes. They watch helplessly as the Skrull blasts Vision right through the head. Nico covers her mouth. She tells Karolina that Xavin saved their lives. If they had stayed that would have been them. A white flash behind them sees the arrival of Chrell, X'iv and three more Super Skrulls. "It still can be, children," says Chrell. "But before you die, you're going to help me kill two princes."


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Why do I feel so guilty for loving this book? 0

I'm big not a fan of the anime-style art, the writing, page-by-page, is just ok. The colors, moderately annoying. Yet, I am compelled and excited for each issue of this book. This is the only S.I. tie-in (I haven't read Inhumans yet) that I can stomach. But, why is this book worth it? Let's find out... The Young Avengers, the original 12-issue run, phenomenal... Runaways, however, I never liked. The Civil War Y.A./Run series, terrible. But, the idea of everyone protecting the prince, Hulkling, s...

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