englentine's Secret Invasion: Front Line #2 - Chapter Two: Run. As fast as you can. review

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Good Book

Continuing the story of the average Joe dealing with the Secret Invasion, we find out a few more things as we follow the same characters from last issue. Ben Urich opens the book. This stroy is good at showing us an honest face of humanity. In times of danger we are faced with fight or flight. Too many times in comics, even the least heroic are shown to fight. It may not be heroic, but Ben Urichs reaction to all that is going on was at least honest.
  The scene in Stark Tower are very reminiscant of the old disaster movies. All the characters are coming together, now they work to find a way out. So far it is a strong chapter, and if done right, could end up being quite frightening.
  The story with the cop, has him throwing himself in the line of fire, to help people. Over all it is the most straight up comic book story in the book. Still a strong chapter.
  Frontline is easily worth the money.

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