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Awesome Book!!! A Great First Issue for a Great Start

Let me tell you something this is the first Frontline issue I have ever read and so far it is awesome. The story is exactly like the advertisement says from the point of view of the civilans and citizens of New York city.  One of the greatest things I like about this issue is that many of the characters in the story constantly mention "how long they have lived in New York city and how they have heard many news stories about Marvel's heroes but never have seen them in real life until now." Some of the characters even mention that they never get use to the site of the Avengers quinjet taking off from Starks Tower.

The story follows four characters a reporter, Doctor, cab-driver, and a corporate executive and their daily activities and their personal life's problems. But all that stops when the story connects to Secret Invasion #2. From that point on its kinda like the movie Independence Day where our pitful personal problems are no longer a serious matter compared to a major Alien Invasion.

The art looks like your watching a cartoon. I don't blame the Penciller but I blame the colorist for choosing certain types of computer colors that make the comic panels and the characters look animated. Although judging by the art I think the penciller and colorist are the same for X-factor/She-hulk secret invasion crossover because the art looks extremely similar in both style and colors chosen that make comic book look like a saturday morning cartoon. (animated)

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