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The world has turned upside down! The Skrulls have taken the Earth as part of their empire, the Avengers and Initiative are scattered...but there are two people who want some answers. One has a hammer and one has a shield.


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Bloodwolf vs. Secret Invasion Part 4: Pointless Padding 0

Welcome back to Secret Invasion. It’s been a couple weeks since our last entry in this series of reviews, mostly because I don’t relish having to re-read this eight-issue headache. Anywho, when we last left our heroes, they were too busy fighting with their 70’s throwback Skrull counterparts over on dinosaur island to deal with the real threat going down in New York. So, the task falls to the newly resurfaced Nick Fury and whatever B list heroes we got left to deal with the problem. Meanwhile, S...

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A good middle 0

 From the mind given to Tony Stark, to the apparent call to arms for the Earths supervillains, this was one cool issue. The art serves the story well, although it is not exactly the greatest I have seen. There are to many lines drawn on the faces. Every one looks as if they were starving. Still it is not bad either. The book seems to serve as a readers digest to what is happening around the marvel universe. At least to those of us stupid enough to buy every issue with the Secret Invasion...

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Secret Invasion 4 0

After a very strong start, this story is ticking over nicely, though the last couple of issues have been slightly off the boil perhaps because so darned much seems to be going on.  But, don't get me wrong, it's still good stuff.  Leinl Yu's art continues to be amazing from a Va Va Voom Ms Marvel early on to a feverishly paranoid Tony Stark to a brilliant sequence of panels outlining the Black Widow kicking some serious Skrull ass (very, very cool).  Meanwhile Jarvis is still trying to force Shie...

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