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THE BLOCKBUSTER EVENT continues. Its Avenger versus Avenger. Hero versus hero! Norman Osborn versus Captain Marvel?? The Initiative versus an army of Super-Skrulls? Is Tony Stark really a- -? And who's that guy with an eye patch coming to save the day?? And, oh man, who did he bring with him?

The S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier is floating in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Commander Hill tries getting her crew to figure out where they are. Going up top she gets a surprise visitor. "Jarvis" is there asking for her complete surrender.

At Thunderbolt Mountain, Venom goes flying out the side courtesy of Captain Marvel. He holds Swordsman in his grip and prepares to deliver a fatal blow when Norman Osborn comes up to him, amidst the wreckage. He introduces himself and asks if he'd like to talk over what he's doing over a drink.

At Camp Hammond, Gauntlet, Taskmaster, and Diamondback prepare to move the recruits to their barracks since all their tech is down and they have no contact with the outside world. Yellowjacket staggers to them and informs them that the city's under attack by aliens. He says they need to get all the cadets suited up.

In Times Square, the Young Avengers are trying to save people and fight the super-Skrulls. Hulkling figures that perhaps he can talk to them since he is half Skrull and the son of Princess Anelle. Whether they understand him or not, they simply blast away at him. Things don't look good until the Initiative arrives.

In the Savage Land, "Spider-Woman" attacks Echo. Echo tells her she's not a Skrull and Spider-Woman says, "I know" and takes her down. She makes her way to where Tony Stark is trying to fix his armor and fight off the virus. Spider-Woman tells him he can relax, his work is done. She proceeds to tell him he's been such a brave warrior and will always have the love of his Queen. Tony has no idea what she's talking about and denies that he is a Skrull. She tells him that the truth had to be hidden from him. Tony doesn't know what to say.

Back in Times Square, the Skrulls don't seem bothered by the arrival of the Initiative. There are casualties as Vision feels their full wraith. It appears that the heroes have lost until everything around them begins to vibrate. A Skrull explodes as Nick Fury arrives with his Commandos.


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Bloodwolf vs. Secret Invasion Part 3: Did anyone actually care that Spiderwoman was a Skrull? 0

Welcome back to Secret Invasion, and in today’s outing we get into a “major” revelation, that being the revelation that Spiderwoman is, in fact, a Skrull. Marvel was clearly banking on this revelation being a big deal. Here’s the problem though, and I deeply apologize to fans of the character, but no one gives a crap about Spiderwoman, and even if they did, no one cared about the revelation because leading up to this she was acting so suspicious that there was nobody, and I mean nobody who would...

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0.5? Out of 0.6 right? 0

I can't give this a five star rating by the fact that I didn't crap in my pants from the awesomeness, I came close though. The best part of the whole issue was the reveal at the end, and no it wasn't a skrull reveal. The series has been solid, however you have to read at least one of the other Avengers books to know everything that is going on. I'm only reading New Avengers and seem to understand everything pretty well.The invasion is a great idea and it's nice to see Marvel pulling off a giant ...

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5-star goodness 0

Like dmstarz, I am taken aback by the extremely poor rating given to this issue. Can that honestly be right? Are diehard DC fans or people who hate comic events sabotaging the rating? Is Bendis a hate figure? I am going to go up against the grain and give this issue the full 5 stars. I loved the detailed art and the globe-spanning plot in this issue. Some of the splash pages were breathtaking. So far I have been totally impressed with every issue of SI and also with the Mighty Avengers and New A...

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