Secret Identity

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    Secret Identities have been used by heroes and villains alike to protect themselves and/or others.

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    ***NOTE: This concept should only include general information and be associated to characters that have secret identities. This concept should not be associated with any issues***

    A secret identity is often created when a character has a need to keep their true identity hidden from the general populace. Most times this is done through using a mask and costume.

    One of the most common motives for a hero developing an alter-ego is to protect their family and loved ones. Usually from a villain who may kidnap, injure, or kill them in an attempt to attack the hero emotionally.

    Alternatively a villain may create a secret identity to protect themselves from the ramifications of their crimes.

    Sometimes the question arises as to which persona is real and which is the alter-ego. In the case of Batman, for instance, it is often suggested that Bruce Wayne is "just a mask," and Batman is the true persona.


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