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Who are the Secret Avengers? Are they a covert team of heroes working the darkest corners of the globe to stop disaster? Are they part-spy, part-superhero... or all they all of the above? A new era begins as Marvel's hottest team takes a 21st century twist! Collecting SECRET AVENGERS #1-5.

Back Blurb

Man on a mission.

It was a personal request from the president himself rebuild the Avengers for a Heroic Age. Make them relevant again. And make them work. With one team, former Captain America Steve Rogers reunited the core trio that first earned the name Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Thor, Iron Man and his own successor, Bucky Barnes. With another, he handed the iconoclastic Luke Cage a leadership role and the keys to the Avengers Mansion.

But Roger also saw the need for another band of Avengers --- one that could work outside the spotlight, a shadow-ops squad in the mold of his WWII Invaders. And so, Steve assembled his Secret Avengers...

War Machine: Locked and loaded, Jim Rhodes is at Steve Roger's command.

Black Widow: There's no better --- or sexier --- infiltrator than this scarlet-tressed super-spy.

Beast: A veteran Avenger and founding X-Man, Hank McCoy returns to the fold as the team's chief scientist.

Valkyrie: The Secret Avengers's answer to Thor, Burnnhilde combines superhuman strength and fighting prowess with godly nobility.

Moon Knight: He preferred to work alone until Rogers made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Ant-Man: Liberated from Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts, Eric O'Grady searched for a spark of heroism.

Nova: With the power of the Worldmind at his fingertips, Richard Rider is arguably the Secret Avengers' mightiest member.

When the Roxxon Corporation is found guilty of smuggling the infamous Serpent Crown for unknown reasons, the former Captain America sends Nova on a reconnaissance mission to a Roxxon outpost on Mars that may hold the secret. But now, the Secret Avengers have lost contact with their man --- an indicator that something has gone seriously wrong --- and as they dig deeper, the discover former S.H.I.E.L.D head Nick Fury is somehow involved...and not in a good way!


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Better Than I Expected 0

The Story: Steve Rogers assembles a team of Secret Avengers to handle delicate matters. Their first serious mission takes them to Mars where they get tangled up in a conspiracy involving the Shadow Council. My Thoughts:I had been looking forward to reading this series for some time. I've had this hardcover sitting on my shelf for months now but have been unable to read it as I had to play catch up. Now that I finally caught up, I began reading titles that started during the Heroic Age. This had ...

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Avengers in Space Before It Was a Thing 0

While suffering from some pretty basic flaws, this series does keep my attention and does some interesting things with the situations and characters at hand. The setting was newish for the time in came out, specifically for these characters, and this story arch helps to build to what seems to be a much more interesting one.Captain America, but in his SHIELD spy outfit, secretly pulls together a team of covert operatives to deal with world-threatening issues before they become world-threatening ...

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